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Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by smoothytaggert, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. rode to work yesterday afternoon. Sure the weather was a bit on the chilly side (29*) but hey if you're dressed warm enough you're good right? lol So almost 8 o' clock and there's a shadow off the church lights across the street... I poke my head out and snow ha haa I hadn't anticipated that :scratchea .Almost 11 and the snow had stopped, and it had started to rain... whew... what a relief! Added bonus? it was 13* warmer than when I arrived at work, but it was in fact raining by that time. So I started on my way home... The worst part of the ride was the visibility (tinted helmet is not a good thing to wear at night, raining or not) The rain didn't bother me until I finally made it to the Post Falls weigh station. There I encountered an inch of snow when I pulled off the freeway to stretch my legs, warm up my hands, and shake myself to make sure I could make it the next 5 miles lol It wasn't bad at 65 mph if you kept riding just to the right of the dotted white in the right hand lane... *key notes to point out... Vans, and big 4x4 trucks put out a spray that covers both of the lanes when there is slush/snow on the ground ha haa < I had to pass those 2 guys in the left hand lane just passing through by NW BLVD. When I arrived at the 15th St. Exit, I encountered an inch of snow where there were no tire tracks so I avoided that like the plague. My relief is that I made it home in one piece, and brought back some snow in the meantime. The front scoop behind the tire was packed with snow when I pulled into the garage :) can't wait for the next ride :mrgreen:
  2. WOW! I like swimming but I aint gunna do so in a South American river where there are pirahanas!

  3. Huh?

    I hear you on this winter weather coming in.
    It was pretty chilly when I left this morning and it's only about 75 degrees right now. At least the sunny skies make it look nice...