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Wed July 13 - Spokane/Pullman/TriCities Ride to BBQ

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. 9:00am - Spokane - Leave for Colfax
    9:30am - Pullman - Leave for Colfax
    10:15am - Colfax - Pullman and Spokane Crew leave for TriCities
    1:00pm - TriCities - Leave for Pullman

    Here is the ride being planned before the 1st Annual Trixie BBQ:

    Meet in Pullman at 9:30am, head to fueled up and ready to ride by 9:40...

    For the Spokane up with the Pullman riders in Colfax at the main gas station across the street from Subway at 10:00am (since it's an hour ride, ya'll need to be outta Spokane by 9:00am).

    Everyone should be together in Colfax by 10:15am at the latest...head out to TriCities...

    Meet up with the TriCity riders at 1:00pm (Zack and da crew)...Zack and Josh will figure out where to meet up in TriCities.
  2. How we gonna get there your beanliness? MV, you gonna go? I wanna get my moneys worth outa the princess, as im not gona be able to ride for about a week after the wedding (working 96 hrs in a 5 day shot when we get back).


  3. My moto is down...if you didnt read it on my other post, all the bearings in the rear wheel decided to give away while riding...

    Josh aka Shwaa just left my place a few minutes ago...he is completely open for ride routes. I think the first half is just getting to TriCities and meeting up with those riders. But the idea was if you meet them at around 1:00pm that afternoon, that gives everyone up to six hours to get back to Pullman, and the route from TriCities to Walla Walla is an excellent ride.

    I'm sure anything you want to ride Eric, everyone will be game for. You know these roads better than any of us.
  4. When are you going to get rid of that piece of shit that keeps stranding you?

    You have battered wife's syndrome. It beats you down with all these failures and problems, but you just keep your loyalty, no matter how many times it kicks your ass.....

    Did you wanna borrow the triumph?

    Im gona try to be back in spokayne around 5/6, gotta pack to leave thurs.

  5. Well seeing that I get off work @7am that morning, is there anyone that will be heading Trixies way at anywhere between 3-5pm?? That should give me enough rest. If theres anyone let me know.
  6. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    So where will the Spokane crew meet? Colfax to TriCities sounds a little straight. Are there some backroads you plan to take?
  7. yeah looks like xcannibalx cant head out of Spokane till 5pmish...according to his post in the Trixie BBQ Thread in the WSU section.
  8. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Someone needs to plan our route so we miss the construction on 195 and so we hit the fun roads. Who will be in charge of this?
  9. You know,
    I've been reading all the "Trixie BBQ" posts with a sense of, ok... it's just a BBQ... no big deal kind of attitude. Then I read this post, and begin to think, OK... a nice twist to add a little ride to the mix...

    But NOW that it's turned into an "annual" ride that has some complexity to meeting points, and trip advisory-- all across (What I assume are) decent roads... I'm actually getting pissed that this is on a WEDNESDAY!!!

    HOW DARE YOU TRIXIE!!! And Curses to ALL that will take pleasure in this ride!

    (I of course am only pissed 'cause I can't jump over the mountains and partake in the festivities-- It sucks having a crappy responsible conscience!!!)
  10. hehehe... :thefinge: oh, and by the way, there are people coming from Seattle too :mrgreen:
  11. It kind of turned into this all on its own. I must admit, with the recent increase of members on the forum, I have met ooh soo many new riders in the area. Shwaa and I have been having our own adventures (you dont even want to know!) these days with motorcycles, riding, and everything else that rolls along in life.

    All the interest has been peaked all over about the site, we figured Trixie's BBQ would be a great greet and meet, and then why not make a ride out of it for the day so we could bring the TriCity riders over seeing as they are only two hours away.

    I think Trixie had the BBQ in line with the Pullman/Moscow Wednesday Bike Night, so it just ended up that way.

    As for the Westside, we are planning on using the last weekend of this month when a lot of us are riding out there for the Seattle 100 and that will be a weekend full of festivities, fun, and no responsible conscience to think of.
  12. OK... well, let's make sure we get some pics posted... from beginning of the ride to the BBQ highlights!

    I'm not even against seeing Trixie's complete "Underwear collection" :evil4:
  13. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    just got a new camera. i'll take some barbeque pics...
  14. sounds like it will be quite a traffic jam as far as parking....I'm definately bringing a kickstand puck so I can park on dirt......
  15. That was such a cool party and I'm glad I took the time to check it out and meet so many of you!!! Great food prepared by our lovely Trixie!

    Thanks again!!!
  16. Alright, so where are these famous "PICS" everyone is talking about?
  17. Okay this is my first post here so be gentle my master!!!!!...

    so anyway, sup yall.

    this saturday the 16th, the "speedfreaks:301" will be hittin the bickelton corners....why? CUZ WE CAN!!!!!!! dats if ya wanna ride with the best of them, come join us...we will meet up at yokes in west pasco (tri-cities) at 0800am and split at 0830 come join the fun and dont forget your rocket!!!!!....oh ya one more thing, we will be haning out at the local bickelton tavern that happens to be the oldest in the state.....i think it was as old as moses or some shit, but i dont remember....anyway just come and ride with the freaks.....

    the cops dont usually hit the back roads from mabton to bickelton but no promises bacon: :nana :thefinge:

    hope to see yall there.....

  18. I took 300+ pics at the BBQ...heading out to the Thursday gathering...

    I'll post the pics from the BBQ and Hooters later.