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Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Fighterama, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Im off all 3, supposed to be nice. Definitely got the tires a proper scrubbing after the Spiral jauntie, that mcjunky is a FAST SOB!!! I wish I could ride like that when I grow up! LCF, definitely layin it down speed wise as well. Beer and perferd are gettin quick as hell in the twisties. I think everyone had a good ride, so lets have a few more! Im thinkin a trip to keller via the rez, maybe a st maries lap around the eastside as well?

    Whos in?

  2. let me know when, I'm off wed/thur

  3. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    You know I am down....

    I guess I am not doing too bad on my bike being my first one and only been riding for 3 months. I promise I will get better though lol...
  4. Fast as hell for only being on it 3 months man! Too bad your movin around, you oughta stay in spokane and ride! If anyone has ride ideas, post up, lemme know what you wanna do

  5. You serious perfered, only threee months? Wow, i am impressed, you stayed caught up with me most of the time when we rode together. yeah man, you should stay around a while
  6. Now when you say three months, is that three months on that ZX-6R, or three months on any bike?
  7. Friday....wanna ride to Grand Coulee damn?????? Head out around 8am?
  8. If we do coulee, we are doin keller....

  9. that is cool with me...if we stop in coulee for a few hours...what time do we need to leave spokane and what time do you think we will be back?

    can it be done? if so...start planning the route oh master planner!
  10. 2 hrs to keller because we will go via the rez (or a 3 hr version through 2 reservations, mc bert and I hit it, fun but dirty road). Hit it up, then back down to wilbur. It sucks goin to coulee cuz its all so damn straight. If its fri, Im available until 9p, so whenever to whenever is cool by me.

  11. If anyone is up for it, give me a call, I dont know if my power is still off from last night or not.


  12. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I am playing golf on thursday and helping set up for garage sale on friday so I need times for the ride to see if I can make it...

    Yes the ZX6R is my very first bike and I have never ridin anything before. With you gixxer I wasnt even pushing lol but you seem to be pretty good. I think after crashing twice I know my limits cause before that I rode even faster around corners and 2 threw me lol. Riding straight fast is boring as hell but the twisties is where its at. I am sure riding a few more times with riders like last monday will help me learn plus I am trying to hit up track day on the 27th...
  13. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    So are we riding tomorrow, thurs? I can ride till 2pm so give me a time and place and I will be there...
  14. Im available, post up a plan.

  15. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    My plan would be to ride to office depot meet some people and follow them to where we are going...

    If all else fails I will head over to westside look at back protectors pucks and some tape. Also look into changing my oil and fixing my rearsets...
  16. I really really want to ride Friday to Coulee but I may have to bail ugggg...I am behind schedule on some web work for EWU and the deadline is this weekend. We'll see how much I get done tomorrow, that'll determine if I can ride on Friday.

    I'd love to join ya'll for a lil jaunt tomorrow, as I have been meaning to stop by Beudrys for back armor for my Vanson, but I gotta work. If ya'll want to stop for lunch after the ride, give me a ring. I'll be in my office downtown for the better part of the day and I'll be lookin for an excuse to break away from everything.
  17. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I would like to hit up some bike shops to see who does good service and has a selection of gear if possible...