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Welcome to OregonRiders: Roll Call!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by beansbaxter, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Welcome to the section of the forum. As the amount of members grow in this particular area, so will the forum in order to accomodate everything.

    So if you're in Oregon, introduce yourself...
  2. I'm John...I'm 6'5" tall, I have brown hair...and like long walks on the beach. Umm...oh yeah, I also hate riding alone EVERYDAY! So someone post a suggestion on where and when to meet and lets go hit some corners.

  3. Man, wherever I go Beans is always there! Sheesh! crackup:

    Hola folks
  4. what up jeff! welcome: to the forum. glad to see ya on here, now go get the rest of oregon on here.

    you gonna goto the seattle100 next week?
  5. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    Zygoat you cant be here :rant He made me wreak my bike :thefinge:
  6. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    I'm Dillon ...5-9 193 Brown eyes and I love long rides on twisty roads. Unfortunately, I am currently between bikes right now. But have the fever nonetheless.

    "I have a fever and it calls for more COWBELL!" - Bruce Dickinson (played by Christopher Walken), SNL
  7. :shock:
  8. Hi I'm frenchy!and ride gixxers.
  9. Hi My name is Seth, I am the Prez off a Medford based Sportbike Club called DemonSpeed. I was given a flyer for this site and i think this is a great way to get riders together. If any riders are in the medford/ grants pass area look us up! we also have a website if you would like to join.
  10. Jesse, in Gresham OR, and I ride an 05 GSXR 600.

    Hit me up if your from this area!
  11. Names Jonah and I also ride with Demonspeed.
  12. What up? Just checking in... lets ride, Medford is boring, lets go now.... k c-ya soon...
  13. welcome: to all the new oregon riders! very glad to have ya! spread the word...
  14. what's up all!?! Live in North Bend, OR. I have an 01 Gix 750 that is not ready for it to be winter yet :rant
  15. Good to have ya. If not this season, we'll definately put some rides together for early next spring!
  16. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member


    Maybe next summer we can meet up in gold beach for a nice coast ride.