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Wenatchee Riders Check In!!

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by LearMechanic, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Welcome Richard. Now that the rain has shut down for a spell we should get some interest in a weekend ride - like the one I posted today.
  2. Hey guys, looks like this thread hasnt been active in a while but I just moved here to Wenatchee from Seattle about a month ago and have been exploring solo. Would love to meet some guys and get some beta on the area and go for rides if your down. I have an 09KLR on D606s so I enjoy the dirt as much as it'll let me. It can be a lil sketchy and maybe even a lil irresponsible when Im ridin solo in some a partner would be greatly appreciated and obviously more fun too.

    To top it off, I left all my tools, well....most my tools in my garage in Seattle so I'd be EXTREMELY appreciative if anybody has extra space in their garage to let me adjust my valves...I meant to do it before I left but time slipped away.

    Good to meet you guys, lovin it here so far! :)

  3. Welcome Channing:

    This a great area for bikes of all kinds. Hope to see you around.

  4. hello, new-b to the site but not to ridding. current bike is a 09' DR 650SE. I love the dirt and views we have here in the valley and up in the hills. anyone else here on DS's or is it mostly street ridders?
  5. Welcome Smaas
    Mostly street bikes around here but definitely some knobby tires too. I'll sometimes ride the big DR on a Thursdsay night. You never know what Bob will show up on. It could be his Sportster/XRL or his XR600/Sportster. :scratchea
  6. OK- Is Dusty's on Thursday eve's started for this year? Just let the old girl out of the barn for another year! Now to try out the ski I duct taped to my front tire...
  7. We never really quit this winter. The rides stopped in October but we kept coming to talk bikes and projects. Meet up about 6:00. All types of bikes welcome. Slavishness to any particular brand does not compute. :scratchea
    Now that the days are longer and temps higher we may start doing a ride again soon but they are always optional.
  8. AAAw Yea! Weather getting warm in Lake Chelan! Hope to see more bikes rollin thru soon
  9. New on the PNW site. Live in the Methow Valley. DS enabled but like it dirty.
  10. Great to see other dirt worthy ridders out there ! Welcome.

    Awsome valley up there to ride in. did a 160 mile trip up there last year. Long story but it was a blast !
  11. time to bump this thread just checking in!!!!
  12. Hey everyone! I'm Riley (eighteen) from Quincy and I'm new to the forum. I am a senior in high school doing running start at Wenatchee Valley College. If any of you have been to the races at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval recently, I drive the number 67 Camaro in the Thunder Car class. I recently bought a 2004 CBR1000RR and haven't got to ride it much yet, but I'm looking forward to springtime when I will be riding to from Quincy to Wenatchee every day to school. I hope to meet some of you and possibly go for some rides soon!
  13. Welcome to the world of street riding. Never been to wvso in 45 years of living in the valley? Living in leavenworth so not much riding, I do ride on the tracks but dont race anymore. learn to ride that new bike before you see what it can do. we will ride in the spring
  14. Hello,
    I'm on my 3rd CX/GL500 bike. Had an 81 Deluxe, 81 Custom and now I have an 81 GL. Just introducing myself. I have run into DeeG once.

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  15. Down for a ride just about every Saturday! Is this site still being used?
  16. Yes, but it seems activity has waned. I know people are still checking it out.
    Stir something up.
  17. Hey whats up all! New to Wenatchee area and interested in what clubs or groups there are in area for riding.
  18. New to Wenatchee area...anyone tell me about the local motorcycle clubs there are around this area? Looking to find some fellow riders!