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Wenatchee Riders Check In!!

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by LearMechanic, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a local here so PM me or wave when you see me on my black/silver Busa!
  2. Im new here ...Wenatchee area is closest on this forum I see...I from the Pateros area, hour or so north of Wenatchee...trying to connect with new riders

  3. Welcome!
    You have some good riding around Pateros.
  4. Welcome, we need to set up a meeting spot, I go through there alot on the back roads to grand coulee, my favorite ride
  5. I live about an hour or so north of Wenatchee, so this would be the closest meeting place for me...then again, I noticed there are very few Harley owned riders:(

    Any suggestions for Harley Owner riding groups other then HOG in the Wenatchee, Chelan, Pateros, Brewster area...etc??

  6. Hey I'm from Pateros too. Have you found any good group rides?
  7. Kind of new to the area, but I ride zx10r with flames on the side. Anybody know of some good group riding?
  8. I ride every sat. Im at the track in oregon this weekend but call me 509-433-4316 I usually ride alone. Either sat. or sun. works for me
  9. Heya. I grew up on a dirtbike on the hill under mission ridge, so it's neat to see a bunch of dirt riders on here. Especially Mt. Man, with his black KLR- mines the same color but a '13.

    Lots of nods to the sweet sport bikes though, I had a GSXR 750 in Oahu and know a bit about that kind of addiction. I sold that for something that is more friendly on wet cobblestone, and that I can take the long way home should I ever go back to Ft Lewis.

    Hearing about home has been pretty outstanding, though. I hope I get a chance to roll up the side of a mountain with you guys sometime, paved or dirt- the KLRs are nicknamed Pigs for a reason, but they lean over real nice.
  10. Heyooo! Red Bandit here! If you see a red Suzuki GSF1250s buzzing around, theres abut a 95% chance it's me! Haven't seen many bandits let alone red ones... Riding is about over for the year, but i'll be out occasionally. Wave me down or shoot me a message on here and let's go for a ride! Im not picky about what you ride, street, dirt, or even one of those dastardly Harley's (but if you are on a Harley with noisy pipes you get to follow me)...

    Glad to finally find a group of riders that are local!
  11. Hey everybody! Hello from an old fart on a Black Bird:nana

    My first PNWR post, I thought I would check in with the homies:mfclap:
  12. Welcome, Crepitus.
    The XX is a bike I have never ridden but owners seem to like them. That is what I call a classic Gran Turismo. What color is it? I was at the Pima air museum in Tucson last month looking at its namesake, the SR71.
  13. Hey Breeze! Its a little black 98. Pretty much stock.
  14. New in Wenatchee, riding a Silver '07 Kawi ZX6R.

    I usually ride solo, but am interested in learning more about this area and ride spots, as well as making some friends. I moved from Seattle, so I am mostly bored unless I drive 130 miles to visit.


    I am also on CustomFighters under the same name, and I will be converting my bike to a streetfighter, mostly off-season. :ninja:
  15. I ride every weekend, , 200m rides? 400m?? PM me
  16. New to PNW and only been in Wenatchee for a year. Just wanted to say Hi all.
  17. Looks like its time for a sat. am meet up?
  18. Hi all. I'm new to the forum, but have been riding around wenatchee the last couple years. I don't have any friends that ride, so I'd be down for a some group sport riding. I'm on a blacked out '98 Triumph daytona.
  19. Viclava

    Viclava (Washington) County

    Dullahan T595,

    I see your a fellow Daytona rider.. I have a 2000 955i. Gotta love the Triumph style and that triple growl:evil4:

    I'm on the silver one if you see me, wave me over.