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Wenatchee Riders Check In!!

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by LearMechanic, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Just moved from Kirkland to Chelan, Been riding for 4 years and currently ride an 07 GSXR 600. So far McNeil canyon is the best spot ive found. Would like to get in and ride if there's any canyon chasers out here.
  2. Going to be 90 on sat, Id be in to meet you in chelan in am and ride north to a couple spots I know, maybe I can get a couple of these wenatchee riders to tag along

  3. Pretty good riding weather this weekend. Still couldn't find anybody to go riding with. What's wrong with everybody?
  4. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    And here we are, about a year later... I know there's a lot of riding going on, just not much talking about it here.
  5. Wife and I went to through Umatilla, Fossil, Condon last weekend for a ride. A few back roads like Social Hill and Rhea Creek were interesting. Planning on Salmon Arm over Memorial Day and a Hwy 101 ride for the 4th.