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Wenatchee Thursdays

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by airx, May 23, 2014.

  1. Wondering if anyone is riding Thursday nights, or is it dead? If so where are we meeting?
  2. I would be into dustys next thursday. I know some were meeting at dizzy, D's last year.

  3. We have been bouncing around a little bit but we are still riding Thursday nights. I guess it depends on if we are riding dual sports or not. We'll try to get a little more organized! Watch for updates. :secret:
  4. I just found out my work has monopolized my Thursdays until June 12. But I miss the rides and fellowship.
  5. Any my old riding buddies think they could help me get a two wheel fix sometimes soon? I still have helmet/gloves/jacket so won't need to bum any gear, just a bike :p

    Y'all know me, I won't mistreat ya bike or spill Her all over the road.
  6. Has anyone rode chumstick lately? I heard they were doing road work. .repaving?