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Westside - 24th ride up Whidbey

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Guideon72, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    The plan is to take a leisurely spin up Whidbey Island on Sunday the 24th. We will be heading over on the Mukilteo ferry and riding up Whidbey to Deception Pass, then back down the island again. This ride is going to be a relatively sedate jaunt just to enjoy the weather, views and being on a bike.

    Anyone that wants to join is welcome, we'll meet at the QFC on 525, en route to the ferry terminal, at 11am. We will leave at 11:20am to give stragglers a chance to get there. Either post up here or shoot me an email at 'guideon72 at hotmail dot com' if you're interested in going so I have at least a rough count of heads to be expecting.

  2. I might be up for that

  3. I might be down for it...depends on how much I drink at the wedding we're going to the night before.
  4. I'm coming :). Don't know if I'll make it hte whole way but I'll try :) (I haven't really done any long rides on the motorcycle yet, first time riding with people, and know that at elast in the car I have a tendency not to be able to do long distance drives without some one else to do a lot of the driving).
  5. yeah, f it, I am down, count me in
  6. I might be able to clear my Sunday for it.

    Tigress, short ride to the ferry, then a nice gentle ride to the pass and back. No problem. You can do it.

    DJC, your comming from Chenney? Good on ya mate... :clap

  7. Guideon,

    Anyone else you know of that is comming? I might be able to recruit some of the boys and girls from the PNWroadriders group. I'll put up a post over there and see if there is any interest....

  8. lol no I am in monroe. that would be a fun day though thats for sure if I was
  9. That's a nice ride, but I won't be able to make it. I'll be going out to the coast this weekend.
    Have fun and look out for those cagers! Take the side roads if you want to enjoy the ride more.
  10. i could meet you guys at the ferry in clinton since im already on the island
  11. Curt: No, no one else that I know...but since I've never really done much in the way of coordinating a ride and being Tigress' first group ride I'd kinda like to keep this small. It sounds like we've got a decent number of people from this site...or migrating from other sites (Hi Willius! <grin>)...I think we should keep this one 'local' so to speak. Long as all goes well, I'll post it on some of the other sites (PNW, NSR, etc).

    Blackraven: Sure thing, come on down! :) You would know this better than I...What's a good rally spot once we all get across?

    Everyone: Sounds like we'll have a good time and looks like the weather is still supposed to rock :) How many of you have taken the ferry on a bike before and how many will this be a first for?
  12. Sounds good.

    A few years back a few of us rode from the ferry to deception pass. A guy we were riding with was from the island and took us on some amazing side roads. There is a beautiful road that runs along the water. Has great lazy sweepers the whole way and the scenery was spectacular. ends up spitting you back out onto the main road just before the pass. I will pull my Thomas guide and see if I can find that road. Or if others (Blackraven maybe?) are familiar with the road I am talking about post it up.

  13. im pretty sure i know the road you're talking about. i know of a few others also that i like to ride that take you off the main highway and loop back. as for a meeting place im not sure i would have to scope it out. i dont usually ride the ferry.
  14. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    sounds like it'll be a nice ride, but i'll be race prepping the bike that weekend... :nana
  15. ya'll better take some pics...I expect to see 40+ pics posted after the ride haha
  16. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

    Wish I didn't have other things going on that day (PIR). I used to live in Anacortes and know the area and most of the back roads quite well from there all the way down to Langley. Hwy 20 is a nice ride, but there's so many little roads that ya just never know about. Especially up around the Anacortes area. Have a fun safe ride all and remember, bikes get to go to the front of the FERRY!!!
  17. I don't know if it will be the same road, but I have one in mind for the trip that pretty much fits that bill...a couple of them actually, if I can find the other one on the map....

    Hey Blackraven, do you know how to get to that road that runs along the shore down by the Capt. Whidbey cabin?

    As for meeting place, why don't we just meet you up at the Red Apple up the hill? That way we get out of the ferry fracas down in the hole there.

    EDIT: I found it. The road I was looking for is Hill Rd/S Ebey :) I'll put together the list of roads that I have in mind and post it here later tonight. It's still going to be an easy trip but it will be off the "beaten path" of Hwy 20 for most of the day. 20 will be easy access from most any point on the route in case anyone needs to roll out early :)
  18. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

    On the east side there's Saratoga rd that goes along the water, starts from Langley Rd and end up on E. Harbor back out to 20. On the west side a bit up 20 further Bush point rd goes out to Smugglers Cove rd and loops back to 20. Those are a couple on the south end of the island. Both can be hit in sequence. Just a thought. There's some that go around Ft Ebey and that up further, but they are usually pretty slow going through those areas. If ya go up above deception pass there's Rosario road and Campbell lake road. Don't know what kind of condition those are in anymore. Rosario Rd will lead ya into Anacortes, via Havecost.
  19. Hehe. Yeah, E Bush/Smuggler's is definitely on my list...I'll have to look at Saratoga tonight on the map. I think we'll steer clear of the Ft Ebey area though, that looks like a few too many intersections to me :p
  20. Thanks, I'm a bit nervous as is being my first

    If it's temps like today it will be awesome (yesterday was a tad warm).

    Oh, and my first time taking it on a ferry. Is it scary trying to go from ramp to ferry (I knwo the ferry tends to move some as you go on)?

    And I have been told two things about motorcycles in ferry. ONe that they don't have to wait in line. But some one else was telling me that's only if you have a monthly pass... is it the second or do all motorcycles get to skip the line?