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***Westside Wednesday Night Standing Ride***

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by DGA, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    It's that time of the year again...that's right the one that started them all...The Westside Wednesday Night Standing Ride.

    There is no set destination, but only a route agreed upon between the people at each ride.

    No designated ride leader, just the poor soul that volunteers to do it.

    Run what ya brung. Every form of highway legal, motorized, two wheeled contraption is welcome.

    In short, this is a very casual ride. The expectation is that things will go smoothly and that the people will not put each other in danger, but look out for one another.

    Where: Meet at Sylvan Chevron

    When: Show up whenever you'd like, but the bikes depart at 6:00.
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  2. Ahhh. Memories. :mfclap:

  3. Good start, Drazen. I guess it's time. Don't we usually say leave at 6 though? Or are you trying to accommodate the usual late stragglers this time?
  4. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    I think the original time used to be 6:30, just because some of the usual suspects could not make it in time.

    We can change it to 6.
  5. Just to be clear, 6 or 6:30? I would vote for 6...
  6. Sylvan?

    Nicely worded, Drazen. You were on that first ride, as I remember. Just four of us, I think. I thought, "Who's the bastard with the expensive Brit bike?"
  7. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    Whoops...thanks for the heads up; spelling is fixed.

    That was fun and it was a small crew. I remember those rides quite fondly and I was very green then too. :)

    Alright, unless there are huge objections 6 it is. Time has been updated in the main post.
  8. I may start trying to make these again whenever I'm in town and not my work day.
  9. Maaayybe next week for me.
  10. could someone tell me when the next meet and ride is ? ??? thankyou
  11. Keep an eye on the thread. First sunny day someone will post up. Or just take the risk and show up on a Wednesday at 6 PM anyways and if no one shows, you're right there at some great roads, so it's no biggie.
  12. Hello,
    Looks like the rain is going to ease up around 5pm. Anybody interested in a ride tonight?? I was thinking skyline to Rocky Point, Logie Trial, McNamee, and back up Newberry, pretty fun short twisty roads.
  13. I suggest you show up. This is a STANDING ride which means it is every week. There were many times over the last two years that I showed up and I was the only one, or one or two others showed up. Other times there would be up to 30 who showed. You never know, people decide last minute to ride or bail, etc.

    I have always viewed this ride as the Olympic Torch Ride - as long as someone shows up each week, the torch keeps burning! :mrgreen:

    Ride Safe! :ninja:
  14. I'd love to join one of these days.
  15. take it easy guys lotsa cops on skyline... ya might consider the deer isl run
  16. too bad I work swing shift during the week or I would be there:(
  17. I'm going to try to be there, looks like one of those rare alignments of nice (enough) weather & no other place I need to be on a Wednesday night.
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