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What color do you like your tires in?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    That is ugly and stupid...IMO

  2. is that so ya know when ya need new rubber? :nana
  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    neato. like a burrito.
  4. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

  5. I especially like the rear tire shot where the owner coated the tire with tire-wet, or armor-all. You know that guy rails!
  6. wont catch me with those colored retreads on a bike-every see those pieces of tire on the road from semi retreads?

    Marking your tread is retarded. Why not just put a little basket in front and a bell next to the throttle
  7. err....whats wrong with that? I just put those on my bike tonight
  8. Put what retreads? Or marked the inside of your tread around the wheel.

    Retreads are an inferior product

    I don't dig the marking the tread -I think its silly
    Sometimes I like it when the manufacturer logo is done though
    My opinion-its your bike your the one that has to like it-thats all that matters
  9. haha i was referring to the little basket and the bell
  10. :banghead: crackup:
  11. I like my tires black, thank you.
    Manfacturer and tire type highlighting is OK, but no treads.
  12. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    I used a whitepen on the tire lettering on my last set of Dunlops, I thought it looked pretty cool...sorta old school, which is cool with a 10-year old bike in my opinion. Just got my new Michelins installed last weekend, probably will do it again before leaving for Laguna. Anything more than that though is pretty overkill...SilverDawg and I have ridden with a guy who has a blue R1 and colors inside the grooves with red to match a bunch of red accessories he has (yes, i said it's BLUE R1)'s...interesting. To each his own I 'spose.

    Kinda hard to see, but here's the only pic I have where it's semi-visable on my Honda:


    I think the white letters really look cool on muscle-style bikes, like the ZRX or other retro-style stuff. Has a sort of cool Screaming Chicken Trans-Am buttrockiness to it. WORD.
  13. OK - so did I start a trend here??? what's going on with all these renditions on my signature?!?! :thefinge: I feel unoriginal now... as long as you all know that i am the source of all of this :clap Love it tho! :mrgreen: (oh yeah, and it's all true)