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What dirtbike do i get?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Dylan C, May 23, 2017.

  1. Hello, I am a 15 year old kid who wants to get into dirt biking. It seems like a lot of fun but I just don't know what bike I should get or anything about them. I was wondering if I could get some help. I am about 5'5 and weigh about 130. I've never ridden one before but I was hoping someone could help me figure out what bike would be good for me. Oh yea, and I don't plan on riding these on the streets.
  2. First thing I would advise is that you get some familiarity with riding before you go buy a bike. Take an introductory dirt riking course.

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation organizes dirt bike classes in Washington and Oregon and runs them when they have enough students. Call (877) 288-7093 for more information.

    Puget Sound Safety also offers courses on learning to ride dirt bikes for those who've never ridden before. Find out more at

    That should give you an idea of not only what type of bike and gear you should get, but also if you enjoy riding in the dirt.

  3. Okay. Thank you this helped a lot!
  4. Get a small bore 4 stroke. I grew up on 2 strokes, but the powerband can make learning more difficult. I taught my kids on a Kawasaki 140L and a Honda CRF150. They progressed and grew and now race motocross and can ride anything.

    If you go 2 stroke a 125 is manageable, but it has the same seat height as a full size bike, and at 5'5" it may be challenging.

  5. I fully recommend the intro courses with PSSOR. I had never even sat on a running bike before the class started. By the end, I was learning how to maneuver around cones and trees, recover from a downed bike on a hillside, and traverse logs.
    Without getting any seat time in between, I later took the on-road course to get my license. While everyone else was on cruisers with a forgiving first gear and a quiet exhaust, I was on a twitchy, torquey dual sport with an exhaust that notified everyone when I screwed up. Despite this, I was one of the more confident riders - and passed!

    I'm still a beginner to dirt (a few classes), but I can tell you this:
    • Get a bike that is low maintenance. Worry about riding first, rather than "will it work today"? Become a mechanic later.
    • Focus on the weight, not the CCs.
      • A light bike is easy to pick up from when you crash,
      • a light bike is nimble. Build skill on something forgiving on turn radius.
      • A bike with low CCs may not pull off the line, but you can catch them in the turns all day
      • I took a recent ADV course where most of the guys were on BMW 1200cc bikes. I could tell they thought my bike was 'a cute toy' until it came time to pick up a bike from a crash, or do tight turns. ;) They had to do 3 point turns on hills to turn around, while I could put my bike up on the kickstand and spin in place.
    • Don't forget good gear for yourself. Fixing and replacing body parts is more expensive than your bike, and much more expensive than the gear you wish you had bought BEFORE things happened