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What have you done to get out of a ticket?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by MissAudacious, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. would love to hear your stories!
    what have u done to get out of a ticket, lower the fine, or to get an alternative punishment?:evil4:

    I didnt try getting out of the ticket when i got pulled over, but i mailed in a letter explaining my situation with this little note on the check. u think it will work?


  2. which ticket?

    Speeding ticket? No seatbelt ticket? No insurance ticket? Wreckless driving ticket? Talking on cell phone ticket? Changing lanes without signaling ticket? Which one do you want to know how I got out of it? I'd be more than happy to share.....
  3. anything bike related.
  4. got out of a huge speeding ticket on a bike. once.
  5. I bent over and took it in the ass. (I paid the ticket :p)
    Speeding 94 - 60 zone. Cop was on my ass for a while, I was in a hunch just slabbing to seattle :[
  6. Got a ticket for improper lane change. Went to court to state my side of what happened. Before court started i asked to see the officers report. I got it and saw the form had a part listed asking what lanes the violation took place. It was not filled in so i asked for the testimony to be suppressed. Judge agreed and ticket dismissed!
  7. speeding. 82 in a 60. did a few things.

    typed up a letter requesting an smd expert. sent certified copy to the court. took a second copy into the clerk and had them stamp it that said recieved. when i got to court, i showed the judge the letter requesting the smd expert. also showed the certified letter reciept showing the court clerk received the letter. then asked if the smd expert was there. he wasn't. I asked for the ticket to be dismissed because i had the right to a fair and speedy trail and since i was there and they had proper notice i couldn't afford a second court date, taking off time from work. the judge agreed. dismissed the ticket.
  8. Haha.
    Good luck. I hope it goes better than I expect it will.
  9. Story behind the ticket? Were you nice to the cop?
  10. Cop said i was riding 79 in a 55. I was completely nice to the cop. didn't argue or give attitude.
    it was on i205 heading towards Washington at night.

    In my letter I explained that I'm in school and can't afford a ticket. and that I'm a new rider, still feel uneasy riding at night. Also that there weren't many cars out to give me a speed of reference.

    I hope it works
  11. your speedometer should give you a speed reference.
  12. thats between me and the officer
  13. Indicated speed in the 80's, screaming along on a 250 at night w/ little traffic around you. Yeah that's going to get you the wrong kind of attention real fast.

    I'd recommend following a fast car or cruise in the slow lane when it's clear @ 5 over or whatever is the norm for that stretch. Don't stand out.
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  14. That sounds alot like my rap sheet almost exact.
  15. I usually run 10% above the speed limit, so I am usually moving faster than cars, and not so fast that they cannot react to me if they actually do see me in their mirrors..
  16. Those Hyosungs will get away from you if you're not careful... :)
  17. wow u sound like an expert at this. lol Sounds like it worked out for you.

    I completely agree. I'm having a hard time with speeding :roll: maybe it's the whole newbie thing idk
    I need to get out of it fast though... it's too expensive
    maybe some time at PIR would help take care of the urge
  18. I know some areas where cops rarely are... you can go pretty fast (I consider 160~ going pretty fast) will that fulfill your need for speed? Or do you just like to go fast everywhere?
  19. As a new rider your senses will be overwhelmed. Over time you'll relax and have extra attention to spare for things like regularly checking your mirrors, your speed.

    If you're the lead vehicle or isolated, you need to be regularly flicking your eyes down at the speedo. If you're nervous, just get paced by a car.

    Unfortunately you ride a 250 with a 5th gear top. You might find it hard to relax at such high RPMs.