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what kinda pipe?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Rob, May 7, 2005.

  1. I have an 03 gixxer 600. I still have a stock pipe. I'm looking for sugestions on what type of pipe I should get. Looking for a slip-on. I would like a little more horse power. But I also want a good sound.
  2. Get a pretty one hot pink with hearts. :)

  3. If you want something good and different than everyone else, go with a Gianelli. Other options for a slip-on...get a Yosh!
  4. I was just looking at a D&D,I like the llooks of it. What do you know about them?
  5. That'd be the one if you want an obnoxiously loud one... If you want quality, my vote is for Akrapovic.
  6. Get an M4.

    They show the actual dyno runs before/after the pipe and/or silencer on their website. The quality of their pipes and silencers is top-notch. They do tons of R&D on every bike and pipe configuration to make the most power on the specific bike.

    Their sound is throaty and deep but not raspy.

    Their website is
  7. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Get an m4 for performance. Or for style go with Ixil!!
  8. I have a D&D on the trump, very loud, light but obnoxious, and recored stock mufflers on the duc -- if you can get a recored muffler, they are REALLY cheap and weigh less than original, not to mention good fit and polish nicely.

  9. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I vote for a Two Brothers......but that's just me.....sounds great.....loud but not obnixous like the D&D...just plain sexy......
  10. Thanks for the help. That gives me a much better starting point.
  11. now all you babies that are crying about loud pipes just remeber that you can still hear a D&D in a car on the freeway! thats very important. If you go to you can find dyno specs on their systems and slip ons
  12. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    are you kidding me? do you really think that having a louder exhaust is going to save you?
  13. I think to some degree, the loud audible of an exhaust makes you well known out there, perhaps there are those that will be more aware. I dunno though...

    When I first bought my moto, it purred so quiet, I remember people commenting they didnt even know my bike was running it was so quiet. If your gonna ride a Ninja, you gotta be stealthy like a Ninja haha...but I miss that. I've kept my stock exhaust cause there are no aftermarket cans that exhibit quieter behavior. My stock though with 30k+ miles on it has opened up, I doubt there is even any baffle left inside that huge titanium muffler can.

    I tried to bite my tongue, but I'm entitled to my own opinion so I'll come out and be blunt: I HATE with a passion D&D pipes!!! I really do! There is not one other exhaust out there that is just annoying in every fashion! Seriously, I like loud as much as the next guy but geeez get something with some grunt or some low baratone. D&D is just a whiny annoying stupid sound...blah! blah! blah!

    So yeah...that's just my opinion.
  14. I don't think your going to get that noticeable of a difference with just a slip-on for HP.

    edited to fix two thoughts in one.
  15. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    if you think about it, how often do you pay attention to noise other than the occasional siren? if you're not a motorcyclist, engine noise isn't something you pay attention to. you tune it out - even if you hear an engine, it's not an initial thought to try and pinpoint where it's coming from.

    beans is a good example. even if his pipe was a few decibels higher, do you think that would've prevented that lady from hitting him?
  16. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    But just because you are well known still doesn't mean that people will not purposely try to hit you.....that was happened to 1000 and I last Monday night. The lady looked right us (had to, she was behind us!) and still tried to run us both off the road.....

    I do think though that loud pipes do help to make people more aware of you. At the very least we use them as horns (since factory horns on bikes are not esactly the loudest things ever made), and when you clutch it and rev those rpms up, people do tend to notice. I guess that there are just mulitiple sides to the issue and it is more about how safe you FEEL you are, when it comes to being seen and heard (I don't mean stunting or anything like that) and that can be just as important as how safe you actually are....

    Or we could all go and buy orange vests and wear those over top our gear! lol...
  17. I know how UN-GODLY loud those D&D's are but anything extra is good if it COULD increase awareness of the cars around us. And for the $$, you absolutely cannot beat them. Seen them day and night for $250.00 (FULL SYSTEM)
  18. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    It will also INCREASE you chances of a ticket, cause they notice you more then others. Believe me I KNOW!!!!
  19. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    Yeah. but when stopped at a light you are too short to be seen!! lol... you are hidden on the side trying to hold your bike up...