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What was it that gave you... (Your Itch?)

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by NinjaBoy70, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. For me it stems from early child hood seeing James Dean, and Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Then looking into Motorcycle Dealerships. Seeing ads in the magazines... My last bite was seeing a Green Ninja I knew that was it for me I had to have one... Went out joined Team Oregon. Got endorsed while I got a blue Kawasaki Ninja. Practiced in the coldasack. That was it I was hooked 5 bikes later can't look back. Hope to get to know everyone I have friended on here if just for a moment, a meet, a ride, or an event. Keep it real, and stay safe. Peace Wave! Share your story. Chris.

    Live in the moment of each second of your life. Ride On, Ride Hard, Ride Fast, and above all Ride Safe! :thefinge:

  2. Well... There was this girl at the bar... I was drunk.

    Seriously though, always wanted to ride, stars never aligned. Finally said screw it and got one. Never looked back
  3. Got my first bike when I was about 10 and rode in the dirt for a long time. Got a bike license the same day I got my car license (at 16 in 1973). I lived in MI at the time and it was snowing the day of my road test. The test consisted of a cop following me around the block in his car with me riding a DT-250 with knobbies. Four right turns later, I was legal.

    I rode (and raced mx and flat track) until the wife said I couldn't have a dangerous hobby while we raised kids. The youngest is now in his 20's and got a bike a couple of years ago. The wife said I can go back to doing stuff that could easily kill me, so I did the Team Oregon course. I ride as much as I can, commuting and just for fun. Its lots of fun riding with the kid. he is real good about not riding away from an old man.
  4. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Dad raced road bikes in the late 70's early 80's. Had dirtbikes when I was a kid....only natural I got the itch!!!
  5. When did James Dean ride a motorcycle?
  6. Sure looked cool in a poster standing next to one with a cig hanging from his lips. (Not that I smoke.) LOL! Peace Wave!
  7. Funny! LMAO!
  8. Sweet ass stories so far. Keep them comin' Awesome!
  9. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Well, y' see, my Dad bought a Honda Mini-Trail when I was about 10, and that's all it took!

  10. Getting Evil Knievels autograph with my grandmother when I was a child. Then learning who he was. It had to be around 1983, just before I started kindergarten. Then I got a ripcord motorcycle toy of his that did wheelies, and my imagination kept me happy for years.
  11. Mom and Dad rode when I was born, (separate bikes). They said I would giggle and shiver at the sound of bikes. Maybe I was born with the itch. Thanks to them for taking us riding and racing until I could do so on my own!
  12. Kewl like the Evil Knievels autograph story! Kudos Anastasia +1. Bravo! :mfclap: Chris!
  13. Kewl! Enjoying all the responses. Thanks!
  14. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    It's a passion, from as far back as I can recall. How, my dad was a Motor Cycle rider and car enthusiast. I was four when dad brought home a new 55 Chevy V-8 post, and my mom had a fit. Traded it in the next year for a 56 wagon. Harley/Indian/Vincent were the bikes of choice; kI can remember sitting on the seat and making varoom sounds. Going over every inch of his machines looking at the mechanics of motion. The lasting impression of my first ride, (without helmet) on the back. Done deal, never looked back...AJ
  15. Fuckin A! Great story... Jims08Z06 Love hearing about fellow riders and how we all became newbies and still learning... Keep the shiny side up. Peace Wave! Chris.
  16. Where my enthusiasm comes from:

    Why Kawasaki?

    K –Kewlness
    A –Asshole in the mix.
    W- Winning technology.
    A –Awesomenes and Precision.
    S –Speed when you can.
    A –All others left behind.
    K –Kwick and Responsive.
    I –Intellegence of man on a steel horse.

    Ninja, Experience the rest now ride the best: Go Kawasaki!

    Lead the pack and respect the rest!

    Go Kawasaki! LOL! crackup: :mfclap: :ninja: :evil4:
  17. Always wanted to ride,

    My brother had 2 stroke 80cc Kawasaki and used to give me rides and do wheelies in the back yard with me. I loved it so much.

    I thought I would have inherited it from him but that bike and his new one got stolen and only the newer one got returned. Such is Life, I had to wait to get my own motorcycle and the young age of 25 haha
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