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What's up guys? *noob alert*

Discussion in 'New Users' started by mineman bruce, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey all, wasn't sure if i could post on this forum, buuuut, why not give it a shot. spent the last 19 years of my life in and around shoreline, lakestevens and snohomish. Unfortunately i have been stationed in san diego, and am currently on deployment in a lovely place called Bahrain:roll:. finally financially able to justify getting a bike, and i would like to rack all of your brains for info. So-cal does not seem to have a forum with anywhere near the activity this one does. While my motorcycle riding experience thus far is limited, (being put on a 450 when i was 12 and told to wreck it, that's how i'll learn) lol, i would like to start off on a 250 ninja for a season or 2, get some track days down, and after another deployment move on up to something bigger.
    V/r bruce
  2. Welcome! Sounds like a great plan!

  3. Welcome to the site mineman!
  4. take a look into the MSF courses they offer before you buy the bike...
    they will likely put you on a 250 for the course.
    then decide if that is going to be enough bike for you to get yourself around SD.
    look up highway 94, Banner grade, palomar MT...some good videos to see from those spots- look up NickGnaime(on youtube) for other entertainment.
    (willowsprings and buttonwillow for some tracks)
  5. thanks guys! sorry i'm not local right now, but i got tired of the same old get a super sport, they're cheap to! mantra. not knocking anyone who started on one, just saying i'd like to learn the small steps. probably will be january before i have enough cash saved upt o get a cheap bike, unless i find a screaming deal, cali people are nuts on prices though, and i *should* be home in wa the first week of november for end of deployment, how ever all these *should be* dates have so far turned into the longest peacetime deployment since ww2 lol
  6. definitely thanks for the info! hopefully in a few months i'll have enough cash, but between balljoints for my truck, trying to pay off a project that i no longer have and the odds and ends been kinda broke, but if i play my cards right, soon! i was worried about the 250, especially the way people drive near base, on the slabs, and through the downtown, that i wouldn't have enough get out of the way power lol. my ex's dad always recommended the sv650 as a great beginner bike, but i'd have to wait alot longer to get my hands on one at e-2 pay with bills and crap crackup:
  7. i totally forgot a little tidbit of info, the whole point of my username Mineman, is my job field. i am one of 9xx mineman in the navy, which just means we float around around on old wooden piles of s*** telling iran not to mine the water or we will go find and neutralize them lol
  8. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    you mean you dont work in a big ol hole in the ground?

    My advice is get an 80s era cruiser round 550 to 750ccs flog the ever loving shit out of it drop it kick it scream at it
    the nice thing about 80s cruisers is they can take a beating get dusted off and they are ready to go again
  9. any models you recommend?
  10. Go big or go home.

    Start off on a liter bike. You won't ever want to sell or upgrade. :)
  11. Welcome...I don't know, I think you should stick with your upraising teachings and buy the biggest engine on two wheels and wreck it a few times to learn what not to do and in the process sell us all tickets to watch and critique on your performance :popcorn:. No you've got a good plan and certainly take advantage of the MSF courses like mentioned earlier.
  12. I just started riding this season and got myself a 2012 CBR250R, and I love it! I've also got a '91 CBR600F2 in the garage as a project, and am really looking forward to riding it. My $.02 on the matter is to start with a 250 for a season before moving to a bigger bike. I've been in a few situations this year where a bigger bike would have caused me to wreck, but was able to avoid it because the 250 is a much more forgivi bike. Build your learning curve up, get comfortable with your riding skills before moving up. Throttle control is HUGE and the smaller 250s are MUCH more forgiving on throttle control mistakes than a 120 HP 600 cc bike or a liter bike. I've accidentally given too much throttle or popped the clutch too fast on downshifts a few times, which could have been a disaster on a powerful bike. Anyhow, my advice: get a 250 to learn the fundamentals for a year, sell it and get the big bike you are dreaming about. Another side benefit is that the small bikes are cheap as dirt and insurance is ridiculously cheap! Think $200 a year or so.

    Welcome to your new addiction! Keep the shiny side up!

    Edit to add: the MSF course is invaluable if you haven't ridden on the street. Absolutely take it. Also, most insurance companies give you a discount for taking it. I don't know about CA, but here in WA the state pays 1/2 your tuition (for residents) to take the course, so it's only $125, and you get to take the licensing test as part of the MSF course on their bike. ABSOLUTLEY take the MSF course if possible.
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  13. thanks all! definitely going to take all the courses, in fact navy requires you to take the basic advanced and one other course to be able to ride your sport bike. if you get hurt and they find out you didn't, it's pretty much :thefinge:.
    the only issue is, they are so booked and limited on loaner bikes, you wait several months, and california wants you to go to the dmv take their test to get a state license. fortunately WA will let me mail in my certificate and they will send me a new license. BUT that doesn't fix the no bike no class problem. so i think i might register for a class in WA for early november while i'm home on leave and just drop the cash to get it out of the way :mrgreen:
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Buy a dirt bike and learn to ride before getting on the open road.

    Oh yeah, welcome to the mayhem.
  15. Welcome and thank you for your service.
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