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What's with all the Ape Hangers?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by bryawn, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Over the last week, I've seen about 10 bikes running around town with ape hangers. Over the weekend sport touring around southern Oregon I saw one group of five or so cruiser types all with ape hangers.

    Is there something in the water?

    I can think few stupider trends than ape hangers. Let's put a long flexible piece of tubing between the controls and the contact patch. Now lets stick our arms out wide and hold our chest up so we get lots of wind blast. Looks uncomfortable as hell and is probably dangerous.

    I guess its another on one of those style over function things. Sort of like guys who wear their pants so low that they can barely walk. And yeah, no one really does want to look at your fat ass. Thankfully, that one seems to be going away, but ape hangers are gaining ground. WTF.

    Ok, end of rant. Anyone else seeing this?
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  2. I think the reason will boil down to you are "just jealous, because it's better than any POS you ride."


  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    They need a place to hang all their black t-shirts?
  4. It just gives them a more visible location to hang their "Bike broke down..need help" sign.
  5. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    It's so they can have longer tassles...

    whipping them in the face.
  6. I have seen 'em with ape hangers and a fairing. What are you thinking!!!
  7. Seen lots of them here too.....
  8. There daughters are in juvy and they stole the handle bars of there Schwinns so they could get a ride in...
  9. Really for older folks with slipped discs. Helps take weight and strain off the spine.

    Word is you can find ape hangers at Brookstone now
  10. Ape hangers? Like this ruck from someone on the forums?
  11. Depending on what size you go with they can actually be pretty comfortable. I've got a buddy with an 01 Dyna Wide Glide and hes got 10" minis I believe. They come to just before the top of the windshield and his hands are right at shoulder level. If he takes his windshield off though the windblast is definitely an issue.
  12. I think that's fine. Your ability to push and steer isn't greatly compromised. If your hands start getting above shoulder level, then I think there's a problem.
  13. +1 I have/had 12" to 18" apes. Comfortable enough for me. Fit the look of the bike, I like em. A trip or two through the gorge is pretty killer on the chest though.
  14. Pretty simple. They want to look like apes. . .
  15. Just like dogs, cats, and most animals... when threatened they "puff" up to look bigger.
  16. I think they came from back in the day when "bikers" couldn't find a shower or deoderant
    to save their lives. The ape hangers are to air out the arm pits?????
  17. What would be even funnier is if you asked one of them the very same question.
  18. My '79 GS750L came with some kinda mild rise Buck-O-Bars on it, they were comfortable enough, but I replaced them with the "Tiller" type bars that came on the GS750E, big improvement when cornering.

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