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What's wrong with this picture?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Willow, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Where's the Kegorator???
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  2. You parked an import on the right side of a Harley...?
  3. I think I see dust on the Duc!
  4. You have an overpriced boat anchor in between two fine motorcycles.
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  5. Grinder held on by a C clamp
    Battery tender no connected
    space for at least one more bike
    Bicycle not on wall mount
    No naked girlies or "snap-on" type calendar.
  6. They're setting inna garage?

    wait, this is a trick question innit
  7. Your plug-ins are 5 feet off of the ground?
  8. 100% chance of Harley leaking oil on real bikes tires resulting in crash... ��
  9. Way, way too clean to be a workshop?
  10. who makes a white tractor?
  11. If you're going to own a Harley, you're going to need a MUCH bigger work space.
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  12. Oh, I also noticed no beer bottles also. WTF man, I have a Kegorator and still have beer bottles in my garage :nana

  13. not enough knobby tires
  14. What's wrong? The picture is fine, but the ugly bike in the middle has lowered forks.
  15. Hahaha.........thanks for the good laughs.

    For those that know me........I have always said, "If I ever get a cruiser, please take me out and shoot me." Now a Hardley as well.......?
  16. So ya finally got it from your brother....
    Different bikes for different things. I like em all
  17. But he's still missing a Kegorator or Beer fridge :stir:
  18. Sometimes I don't know how he lives with himself.....
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