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What's wrong with this place?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Diana, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Once upon a time you could come here on any weekend and find at least three different rides to choose from. Now, nothing.

    Is everyone too new? No one wants to lead? What is it?
  2. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    You are either part of the problem, or the solution... You riding this weekend? Want company? Post it up.

  3. Facebook, I hate it but it's where it's at
  4. The forum is dying, the bookface is stealing its life force one dumb idiot at a time
  5. MCA8690

    MCA8690 McLovin'

    The "PNW Riders" group? All I see is WA riders/people posting on there.. :scratchea
  6. Most of us ride in the same groups now. Facebook and/or group chat or texts get the people we normally ride with in the loop.

    Change is bad, that change includes riding with others of less or more skill.

    I ride on Sundays through Tuesdays and rarely post up rides and do my best to catch rides that start on Sunday mostly due to getting off work at 6:30AM makes it tough to dedicate the time needed to meet a KSU time.

    I do agree, PNW has changed some, but I still enter in here alot to see who and where and maybe try and rearrange my schedule to join up.

    WAKE Up this joint!!!
  7. well its my birthday and ill be out riding most of the day... come find me :)
  8. Most of the rides I see there are Portland people.
  9. Fuck, I hope not.... people posting up on that group are more retarded then people here.. I swear, this forum adds 20-30 IQ points or at least makes you have to do 3 things giving you a chance to think about the stupid shit you are about to say before you post, on FB? Nope.. I cry a little inside whenever I read my FB feed :angry7:
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  10. Same here.
  11. Well! first I am not qualified to lead. Second I dont know the roads well ( truce is I have a bad memory). But all I want is ride. I could ride Saturdays n sundays. I have one riding budy but he is super busy now so he doesn't ride that much. I feel like I am alone on the street. I don't do Facebook. So this place is only place I could meet riders. I hope you boys n girls post more so we all could ride together. I will buy you a beer or lunch!
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  12. So post this:
    Sunday 6/14 Ride to undetermined location...
    Meet at 0900. Location will be determined then...
  13. Like it or not FB is where the action is. It allows you to create groups of "known" riders/friends that you enjoy and feel safe riding with. I know lots of great roads, but I'm slow and don't feel like trying to handle a group of unknown speed demons chomping at the bit behind me, so I just ride alone instead of posting up.

    I give huge props to people with the confidence and skill to post up here and lead rides to keep the community going. [MENTION=4217]Lee650[/MENTION] [MENTION=28509]Beth[/MENTION] [MENTION=18402]r1zebra[/MENTION] [MENTION=22047]rusty nail[/MENTION] :mfclap:
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  14. The Facebook group is a special breed of retarded. But it does have the traffic. I have had numerous discussions with people that "hate the 'book" and want a traditional forum but then get very very upset that they can't get the traffic. It's where we are now in the communication age. I still come here frequently, and for actual discussion this is still the place with the best chance of that happening. Who knows, I'm less concerned about the technology and more concerned about the lack of true conversation.

  15. Jin, when I get my bike together we'll ride
  16. It's the same north of Seattle, and all you see out riding anymore are mostly hardleyableson's. Even in the twisties it's mostly just a pirate parade, what happened to all the sportbikes, nakeds, and supermoto's. That's the reason I sold my supermoto 2 summers back, it just sat in the garage unused, still miss it.
  17. I ride every weekend with my friends, and were all on sport bikes Versys. We're in the Lynnwood, Mill Creek, and Issaquah.
  18. Maybe they are all starting families and the wife says everything must go.

    Including the bike...hahaha.
  19. Not in my world... It's my wife doing planning the rides!
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