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Wheelie Road

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Johnny-B, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Is "wheelie road" still open or I guess, was it ever re-opened? My friends went there are couple years back and I never got to see it cause it got closed down. :banghead:
  2. Where the heck is 'wheelie road'? I know about 20 roads near me that could be one. :p

  3. It's someplace around portland I guess (that doesn't help at all I know) the way it was described was some industrial area that tons of cars and bikes would go to late friday/saturday nights and play around. It's supposed to be lit but it's not actually a road, more of an area. That's about the shittiest description of where something is I've ever done, i appoligize, I'm retarded:banghead:
  4. i know in South hill Puyallup, if you go east on 156th (i think) and make a right on the road where the firestation is, there is an old air strip, might be a good place to practice (not that you are in washington, i just figured i'd put it out there)

    hell i haven't been in washington for 9 years so it might be gone
  5. i lived in Puyallup for a while i havent been there for some time now
  6. we used to go back there and street race in 90-91 (when i went to Rogers)
  7. Well I don’t think it was 90-91 because I was born in 89 band I wouldn’t remember anything I think I was in like 4th maybe just maybe 5th I remember my teachers name was Crouger like Freddy and I was scared to meet him
  8. hahaha....yeah im kinda old
  9. Theres a road that I go on all the time for wheelies in snohomish called River Road there are like 2 total houses on the whole road and no cops whatsoever... cause the road goes from everett to snohomish and cops dont go down there cause they would just turn around.
  10. is this in oregon? by the valley?
  11. well if it goes from Everett to Snohomish it's safe to say it's in WA
  12. go north on 181st. go through sandy blvd just as the road makes a left bend towards Airport way theres a road to the right, thats "Wheelie rd".. got run outa there a few times.
  13. That is in Willsonville OR.
    I remember how to get there, going south on I-5 take willsonville exit turn right then take a quick left go down the road abought 1/2 mile and it's on your right.
    Local cops were there when we were doing wheelie's,they said they rather have us do them there than on the main street's. And Johnny you missed the fun dude...

  14. :scratchea

    Both KornFlake and I live about 1.5 miles from that road. I know that's a great road, but I don't think it's the one he's thinking of.
  15. no there is one here in wilsonville.. it was the original one back in the day.. it's a great rd for wheelies except it's crowned so you drift to one side. plus theres a few manholes you have to look out for.
  16. what kind of things would u do on wheelie road?
  17. Absolutely nothing but twisties :nana
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