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Where are you?

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by Beerbohm, May 30, 2005.

  1. We meet one of you guys last weekend and he says there is a huge group of you. If that is true I know that there is alot of use that would love to come over there so you could show us the roads. Post up.
  2. I think they are afraid to come need to put a potato somewhere in the logo...make them feel at home.....?????

  3. haha you beat me to the punch...I was gonna change the whole look and feel of the entire idahoriders section, to make it different than idaho.

    stay tuned.
  4. Beerbohm and others. Your right Ive met about twenty riders and they all seem excited about posting up but currently no shows. Only three of them have posted Wheelie, Gypsy, PlaBoy, and Spudman other than that? Maybe the other guys dont have a computer I'll have to check that out.

    Beans style might have something to do with it. What are you planning to do?

    Buell Man.
  5. Freezincold. Where are you from ID?
  6. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    How could you forget about me Matin. I'm offended! :cussing:
  7. Shwaa. I totally forgotten about you myself and I. I havnt seen your posts in weeks, sorry man. Ya right, its a given your a moderator, be a champ not a chump. Anyways nothing personal.

    Love ya man.

    In high reguards...Buell Man...
  8. where's everyone at today hiding don't want to play today or what nobody wants to play
  9. Bear,
    You brought this one back from aways..:)
    There are a few riders out there..Van, Bfizzle, theside, I ride with pretty often..I met a couple other riders the other day, I am trying to get them on here, and arrange a ride.
    I think its just hardest to get out of the clique..the guys I ride with I trust riding with. We try to get new riders out with us but I swear we make a pretty decent effort and no one shows up. In fact, me and podcore got invited to someone elses ride with all his friends, and we showed up and none of them did..I guess you call or ask someone a few times and when they bail you just dont worry about it as much.
    I have posted quite a few rides on here and I never get too much response, so now half the time when we are just taking a little ride down to the spiral or around, I dont bother asking.