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Where do I damage estimate quotes?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by SV Rob, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. A lady at work backed up and hit my bike which tipped it over. I gave it a quick glance last night and gave her a rough estimate letting her know that I could give her a final dollar amount this weekend when I have time to go over it better. Now she wants to go thru her insurance. So where can I take it to get repair cost quotes?
  2. If she is going through her insurance, then her company should be contacting you to arrange to meet one of their adjusters.

  3. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    I believe by law you are entitled take it to any shop of your choice to have the estimate written up.
  4. Any idea where I could find this law? I got rear ended last week (in my car thankfully) and the insurance company is refusing to let me take it to the shop I usually use.
  5. Hoodview was the place I was thinking of I just didn't know if they did damage estimates. I can fix it myself but dealing with ins. co. I want to get estimates they don't try to screw me. Plus they may see something I miss.
  6. Any wreck I've been in I go to the very best autobody shop in town... anything less isn't good enough for me. Don't take anything less than the best... especially if it isn't your fault!
  7. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Check your contract with your insurer. If the contract states you can only use designated shops, then you're pretty much hosed. If there are no shops listed that you must use, you can take it wherever you want.
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    We have State Farm and can use any shop we choose, FWIW.
  9. Sage at SDS does a ton of insurance work. (503) 684-9300
  10. I have statefarm, but I'm not going through my insurance. The guy who hit me uses Workmen's auto. I had never heard of them before this week.

    I figured it depended on the contract with the company, but galenernest got my hopes up that there was in fact a law. :p
  11. If the other guys insurance company wants to jerk you around, just go through yours. You'll get you stuff fixed right and they will get paid by the insurer of the guy that hit you. And you don't have to deal with them....
  12. This is my first car accident, so I am figuring it out as I go. I called my statefarm agent the day after the collision and I was told to go through the other company. She said they have nothing to do with it because I was not at fault. I thought the reason you have an agent is to answer questions and assist you when there is a collision. I think I need a new agent.
  13. You may be right. i have state farm as well and ran into a similar issue. The dude that hit me had an insurer that wanted to use re-built or aftermarket parts instead of factory. State farm allows you to use factory parts. I told them to pack sand, turned it over to state farm, and all was well.
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I think you do too. We went through our agent when a guy backed into my wife at the Mall. Totally not my wife's fault and they were more than happy to help us out. If you need a recommendation, be happy to give one.
  15. I am 99% sure it's your choice to take the car to any legit repair shop you want.

    Check the OIC website.
  16. And don't forget to file for Diminished Value. Many people overlook this or are not aware of this coverage in WA state.

    Filing a diminished value claim after an accident

    Diminished value is the difference (if any) between the market value of your undamaged car before an accident and its market value after repairs are made.

    The insurer doesn't automatically pay you for diminished value. It's subject to proof that your car's market value decreased. If you plan to file a claim for diminished value, we recommend you talk to your claims adjuster.
  17. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Like I said... I "believe" you can use any repair shop you want. Call the Washington State Insurance Commissioner's Office for more information. They are actually quite helpful. Insurance companies can't do whatever they want... but they almost always try to.
  18. Probably depends on your coverage. If you have comp/collision (not just liability) you most definitely should go through your insurance. They may give you a list of shops which are preferred, but they write the check.

    They'll go after the at-fault party and their insurance company to recover their own funds.

    We send these guys money month after month. I'm happy to make them do some work when they're up to bat. 8)
  19. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    The information I posted was from the Commissioners the blog. Depends on the insurance company and what you signed in agreement with.
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