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Where do you buy oil and filters in spokane?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Levi, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. So I just recently bought an 09 r1. I am thinking the oil in it is a semi synthetic since the previous owner would have it serviced at the dealer. I would like to switch it to a full synthetic oil and am thinking the amsoil 10w40 synthetic metric motorcycle oil and buying a K&N filter since it has that 17mm nut on the end to make it easier to remove. Any advice on which stores carry these products in spokane? Or a website you really like to order these types of products from? Bike has 4k miles on it incase that matters for your opinion on switching. Thank you
  2. ahhhh, well, unless you are thinking of keeping your R1 till kingdom come, I would recommend annual oil changes with 5-40W Rotella Shell synthetic oil with a fram filter or similar, as worked well for me, all although, those that know me realize I am a pussy and ride slow at the track and street, so otherwise, go with your own intuition. ;-)

  3. Ed's should have what you are looking for off Sprague by I-90 in the Valley.

    Personally, I buy my oil filters in bulk and search ebay, amazon, and other websites. I own a BMW and utilize OEM filters and buying bulk saves tons of cash in my experience.

    Oil on the R1 I would suggest the Rotella as well unless you are picky on your oils, but I would go full-synthetic regardless. Pay a bit more for your oil to treat your motor right, it will save you in the end.
  4. You use T4 T5 or T6?