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Where to buy High quality rubber spacers/products?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by xhynk, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Been gone for a while but I am still alive while riding my SV650.

    I've done some modifications to it and currently, I am facing an issue with how to dampen the vibrations on my handlebar.

    Currently running a renthal 7/8" streetfighter bar( on my naked 2005 sv650.

    In the picture below, I plan to put rubber spacers below where the nut bolts below the upper triple tree, also above where the bar mounts lay onto of the upper triple tree, and if possible, wrap some rubber around the bar itself where it meets with the bar mount.

    With the rental bars being so thick inside, I would most likely buy some renthal bar ends and possibly put some kind of filling inside the bar to further dampen the vibration.

    That's my plan so far, so if you guys have any ideas as to where I can buy some high quality rubber spacers that don't crack or deteriorate as fast as the ones from the auto parts store or lowes, that would be great![​IMG]
  2. You could try the taper rubber mounts that are used on bikes that come with rubber mounted bars. One example I can think of is the pre-13 Triumph Street Triple. They're a cone shaped piece of rubber that fits into the upper Triple tree on the bolts as you are wanting to do.

    As a side a huge amount of vibration damping is not so much the elimination as it is changing the frequency so the wave is at a point on the bar not where your hands are. You can experiment with this by adding or removing bar end weights and changing the size of the weight. Some bars want more others less or even none.

  3. Rubber inner tube is an option... or Grinager / Fastenal.
  4. you could also get new bars, i realize you already bought aftermarket bars but renthals have a slight resale value depending on condition, you may be able to get a lil money back to go towards new bars. renthal makes twinwall bars that do exactly what your wanting, they have awesome vibration damping i used to ride them on my crf450 dirt bike