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Where to get tires?

Discussion in 'Scooters and Mopeds' started by bobthrollop, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Here's a real new-to-cycling question: where do you go to get new tires? I bought a used bike (actually an Aprilia scooter) with ancient tires. This is only the second motorcycle I've ever owned and the first time I've shopped for tires. Do you buy motorcycle tires at dedicated tire shops, like you do for cars? Specifically, can any motorcycle shop mount tires for me? Going to a dealership for something this common seems likely to be awfully expensive.

    Any specific recommendations appreciated too. I live in Bothell, Washington near the King-Snohomish line.
  2. Just down the road from you in Kirkland is Optimum performance motorsports,
    They are a great place to buy tires and just happen to be the local Aprilia dealer.

  3. In what way are they a great place to buy tires? Availability of brands? Price? The only place nearby where you can get them at all? I checked with them a while back about tires and as I recall, mounting was very expensive.
  4. My experience with OPRT has always been very positive, I have bought 5 or 6 sets of tires from them and their tire prices have always been very good and mount and balance as well has been very reasonably priced, I normally take my wheels off my bike and take them to the shop which would save you a little money as well.
    They have always taken the time to mount the new tires and get me on my way in a very short amount of time while I wait so their customer service is very good.
    It's a couple hour drive to there shop for me but I feel that it is worth it, hope this helps.