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Where was that classic Rainier Beer motorcycle spot filmed?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by JohnnyM, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. I'm sure someone here knows the road, and maybe even map co-ords or mile markers...anyone? Looks like it would be a fun ride destination this summer!
  2. Roland

    Roland Moderator

    filmed out by ashford, wa

  3. Anyone have a google map?
  4. Yeah, I know where Ashford is. I guess I should have specified I'm looking for that exact section of road, and not the town itself. I'm assuming it isn't the main highway...but I could be wrong.
  5. Are you sure? I'm not sure but I thought it was filmed on Old Sumner Buckley HWY. Runs along side HWY 410 between Bonney Lake and Buckley. ?????

  6. Roland

    Roland Moderator

    unless you know something i dont, (which may be the case) i know several were filmed just past ashford.

    find out for us?

  7. Looking at the map, it could be there on the Sumner side. Camera man on the SW side of the road between Angeline Rd. E. and 192nd Ave. E.,-122.176445&spn=0.006418,0.013733&t=h&z=16

    Anyone wanna go check? Take a pic or two? Hmm?
  8. My old boss did that commercial. I'll ask him.
  9. On the North side of the mountain (you can see Little Tahoma on the left of the main peak) so that would disqualify Ashford. You can also see Liberty Ridge staring right at you.

    The satellite peak sits due east from the summit, so from the video it looks like a view from the North-Northwest...
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  10. Yep...another vote for Sumner-Buckley. Crap. I wish I knew that this summer...I was staying with friends in Buckley!
  11. I will ask my father in law, that's him on the bike.
  12. That's awesome! :notworth:

    He should come to a bikenight as the special guest 8)
  13. According to my old boss who worked on those commercials, "The commercial was filmed down near Buckley on a road that curves perfectly toward Mt. Rainier. I don’t remember the exact road, but it was down in that area."

    So based on this, I'd have to say that Runout is correct in his assesment.
  14. East end of the Buckley-Tapps Highway, you have to go west a bit to find the exact spot.


    West end of the highway, just before the section used for the commercial.

    Rainier Beer Road (used in a commercial, years ago...)

  15. lol you guys are funny
  16. You worked for Ed? That's so cool. Here's a link to his blog where he talks about writing/producing all of those ads. It's pretty cool reading. I remember doing some voice-over work for Heckler Associates in the early 80's when I was at KUTI/KXDD. (not the beer ads) Those ads made that agency world famous and brought them a ton of new clients. That would be fun to go ride that road and have someone film it just like the commercial.
  17. My parents live a mile from that spot, on mundy loss road...... and yes, thats old buckley hwy. JohnnyM, the road is only a mere....10 miles or so. And about 2 miles of that is twisty. Its a decent road and a hell of a lot better than hwy 410. But nothing to travel too, to ride.