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Who B-King of Gresham?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Rackir, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Here I thought I might have the the only Suzuki B-king in Oregon, and I thought for sure I had the only one in Portland, when to my surprise this evening I saw another all black B-King with some sweet Yosh (I think) pipes pulling into my very own neighborhood!

    So, anyone know who my fellow B-Kinger might be?
  2. Mike Schmidt has one in Gresham, don't know if he's on here.

  3. We are a rare breed indeed :evil4:
  4. Guy at my work has a b-king rare bike to see

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  5. Indeed we are pjohn! Thanks Senator, hopefully I'll run into him again soon.
  6. Is chubby a breed?

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  7. goddam asian ninja trolls everywhere....
  8. Lawl
  9. Yup, I live in Gresham and have a B-king. Carbon Scorpion cans and some other goodies like BST wheels.

    I got one of the first ones around to my knowledge

  10. I am not that person but am a fello B-King rider living in Portland. My bike is a gray/silver model. These bikes are getting rare and only 2,000 were brought to the US in 2008, so I keep mine 100% factory and close to showroom condition. :) I use Motosport Hillsboro for my maintance(wonderful mechanics) and they told me there is another B-King in the area that they service. Wonder if that is you. Hope to see you some time soon out on the road!
  11. HAHA I'm not exactly a svelt- athletic type on my v-max either hehe