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Who has a trailer or truck in the Seattle region?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by beansbaxter, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. jezterr, and I am tentavily going to make it, we may need to use a truck and/or trailer to haul the motorcycles to the track for the Seattle Charity 100.

    I have a truck but it can only hold one motorcycle. I have no problem dropping my moto off and then going back for his, but wondered if anyone else had a truck we could load it up in to make it easier.

    Also, there was a chance I'd ride my 12 over there to save on fuel costs and then just prep it when I get out there.

    Post up if you can help out.
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    my garage is more than happy to accomodate your 12 for prepping. i wouldn't recommend riding it out here, though. there's always the chance that you may go down, then how will you get home?

    truck it out here, prep it in the garage then take it to the track.

  3. I've got a nice condition 3 bike trailer, tons of tie downs, and I'm game. It can carry two sportbikes if they are not too long. My Scout can carry tools, gear, parts, and so on, and I have military canvas quartermaster bags for leathers, gear, etc..I can meet up with ya before that and we can try your bikes to see if they'll fit. I can make several trips if there are more than 2 of ya needing a ride.. happy to help out in a good cause. My e-mail is

    Steve (I don't know if Blondie, AKA Susan can make it, but maybe)

    PS: Also have a very nice selection of metric tools I can bring along just in case, including torque wrenches and specialty stuff.
  4. Steve, that is definitely an option...but really if you are coming to the races that day anyways. If Susan cannot make it, will you be there cheering us on?
  5. I talked to her and she says she probably can make it.., sounds like fun and yeah, I or we will stay the day and help out!
  6. That's great to hear. It should be a fun day and its for a good cause. We appreciate it...I presume we will work details out more after Laguna is behind us.
  7. Great.. happy to help and a day at the races has to be a winner !