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Who presoaks their oil filter?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by beansbaxter, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Who presoaks their oil filter and for how long?

    I usually just rub a finger of oil on the seal of the filter before installing, but that's about it. Is there any pro's or con's to presoaking it?
  2. I fill mine completely full and after the inital oil has soaked in and just before I install it I add a l'il bit more.


  3. Either method is perfectly alright, but *remember*...if you've pre-filled your filter, you'll need to account for that when you add the rest of the oil for the oil change. An overfilled engine is an unhappy engine, and might not be so appreciative. Seals tend to pop if you're not careful.

  4. NOW ,what oil filters brands are we useing,im useing PUREONE PUROLATOR #PL14610 this is a big filter, holdes more oil,top ranked in SAE TEST, :mrgreen: MICRONIC
  5. Word on the street is that who also pre-soaks his Rice Crispy's. Yuk.

    Fill up the oil filter and put it on. Just get some oil into the element and it'll be fine.
    Type of filters........Ohhhhh..............there's bound to be some strong opinions on that.
    I have read more than once that Fram filters don't meet O.E.M. specs for flow restriction, and they've earned some bad press for scrimping on filter element material - why I don't know, it's freeking paper.
    But that's the rumor anyway, too bad 'cause they probably fit more applications than anyone else.
    Thing about putting a restrictive filter on your bike is that it doesn't have the same oil pressure protection by-pass drillings that a car does.
    You'll find out the filter is no good about the same time the engine burns up.
    Napa and WIX are two aftermarket suppliers that do sell a quality product, and I would recomend them as first choice, but in a pinch, I'd use almost anything except a Fram.
    Ok, I'm off the soapbox now...........
  6. If you haven't heard of them, Scots makes reusable oil filters for just about any bike. They are spendy but worth their price. They are able to filter out particles smaller than a micron, and they have an added bonus of having a built in magnet for those pesky little metal particles that get away from the oil plug magnet. They pull apart and wash up with hot water and soap. These things are great, my pop runs them on all his bikes and quads. He swears by them. In fact I'm half tempted to call them up and ask them if they make a reusable filter for my car. As for presoaking the filters, the only time I have ever done that is on my car, usually I just put a little on the seal to soften it up a bit before install. But that's just me.....
  7. Yeah the scott's billet aluminum oil filter is nice, over $100, figured out it was worth it if you change your oil at least 14+ times. I almost sprung for it, but I forgot what negative thing I heard to prevent me from getting it. I think it was the hassle of cleaning it.
  8. Anyone who buys a Fram for anyone other then someone they dont like should take a look at this first:
    Oil Filters Exposed