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Whos Out And About These Days?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by r6fireman1996, May 18, 2005.

  1. How many Eastsiders are around the Pullman area? sounds like a good WSU post, but I know theres alumni and others who don't go to WSU on here in this area...I've seen tons of bikes around. any big rides coming up? wanna plan some? yeah......

    hey ya been buddy?

    and i was just up in the deer lake area this weekend, theres some fun stretches of 395 and other roads to ride on out there. although i've heard and seen a bunch of cops out on 395. i hear theres a good ride from deer lake towards idaho, like 30 miles of twisties! i'm gonna recon this and maybe put a ride together. i'll keep ya posted.

  2. Chuck, if you like the twisties on 395, theres FAR more that you havent seen in our Spokane cadre of rides. I might be able to show you a few if you can go recon some roads for me! Ive been wondering about a few roads out of pullman/moscow/lewiston, gonna post up in the wsu, see what people know....


  3. cool man, i posted a couple rides up on WSU. I thought 395 would be a good wide open road, not really twistie, but some of the side roads off 395 they looked fun. but i'm up for checkin out some rides up north.