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Who's the Moron?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Bert, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. I was taking a nice leisurely drive south down Division Street this afternoon in my Fire Engine on my way to a house fire with the lights, siren and air horn blasting away. I almost ran over a CBR 600rr that decided to do a double lane change right in front of me. I dont know if there is any physists out there but I think that I would have won that battle.

    So, if you know the person with the red/black 600rr, black leather jacket and blue helmet, please kick them in the nuts and let them know that they are a dumbshit.

    Thank you

  2. And that they owe you a beer for letting them live

  3. YOU SUCK!

    they screwed us on that one, moved up to 13s...
  4. what station do you work at?
    I'm a volunteer at station 92, and station 44
    Its always fun to here other stories about the stupid drivers
    from the view of an emergency apparatus. :lol:
  5. Stone, you meet bert at camp on sunday remember???
  6. I was wundering if that was who that was
  7. Bert next time you should run them over,somebody somewhere needs a new organ or two jk :D
  8. You need one of the brush trucks that have the remote
    nozzle on the front of the truck.
  9. Now that would be funny as hell to see
  10. Every firefighters dream...... Someone parked in front of a
    hydrant. :lol: