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why not to call a regular towing company to tow your bike

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by tims007, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. oh the horror warning the most wrong pics are about to be seen

    this is a ducati . i saw no damage to it so i can only assume it broke down .. it was on the side stand leaning against a tire and tied down loosly .. it was bouncing all over the place .. then on top of that there is a car loaded on the flat bed also .. wow people wow .. do your self a favor and call a motorcycle tow company like thunder mountain motorcycle rescue

    ( no im not affiliated with them i just use them )


  2. That looks like a bad case of dont give a F#$K on the tow drivers part

  3. lol i think the guy was trying to not let me take a pic .. once he saw me taking the pics he ducked over a few lanes and turned ...with out signaling lol
  4. I'm sure the owner of that bike is going to want those pictures he took so he can sue that tow company . That driver needs the shit beat out of him and then lit on fire .......... fkn asshole !
  5. Not a normal tow, that's a totaled bike being hauled off. I remember when the salvage guys would come to pick up an insurance total.. It used to make me sick to see them do more damage than the bike had when we handed it to them!! Big chains through the wheels, levered over on the side stands!! I couldn't watch after the first few I saw. You would think insurance companies would want to recover as much $$ as they can! instead some hamfisted dude with a flat bed wrecker and a squished Subaru come collect?!!
  6. well there here and its not hard for someone to figure it out .. heck im prety sure motocorsa could figure this out .. maybe someone should p.m . them
    edit :: i messaged them via facebook and linked the pics ..
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  7. there was no visible damage for a total on a $20k bike you would think there would be substantial damage
  8. I agree with Dave R., looks like a run to Copart or Insurance Auto Auctions; if it was a retail situation, you would run one call at a time (and the bike would be properly tied down). Copart and IAA often choose the lowest bidder to transport rigs to their yards, hence the 'quality' :roll: hook up of the bike. Those guys are often in there to hook and book (volume is king to them) and they don't seem to spend a lot of time focusing on damage-free towing (as the majority of their stuff is already damaged in some way).

    Devil's advocate: you may not have been able to see the damage - stolen bike, punched ignition, motor trashed?? Sometimes what the adjuster sees is different than what you see (or are willing to live with). OTOH, maybe you should head to Copart and see if you can beat GS1200 to this one before he adds it to his stable. :thumbup:
  9. i would but im broke right now lolololol ... you know me to well and yet i do not know you .. lol the bike that i have put 20k on so far is a salvage titled copart bike lol
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    What? That looks totally legit...
  11. Hey about some new material in the nwsf forum lol
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    You know, I'd just come from there before making this post. There's a nice thread going on right now! :)
  13. Other than the word game lol
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    Check out the reddit thread.
  15. Just did... and back on topic... motocorsa said they knew the bike and that yes it was an insurance total :(
  16. I had the opposite experience recently ... tow guy INSISTED we put the front wheel in the special motorcycle chock, even after I pointed out it really wasn't likely to fall over ...

  17. ^^^ This

    I've used AAA towing a few times over the years.
    professionals - always A+ experiences.
  18. You need to edit your first post, and apologize to the tow company...

    Get all the facts before you attempt to slander and defame someone.
  19. Slander? Defame? You're joking, right?
  20. No....

    He admits to sharing it on FaceBook...he was clearly bashing the tow company with out knowing all the facts.

    I'm not surprised you are questioning do the same thing. :shock: