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Why we have forums

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Fighterama, Apr 12, 2005.

Should fighterama get the boot for this post?

  1. yes, what a moron <john you may not vote this one>

  2. no, this is an open forum, anyone can be an ass if they want

  1. Just a little PSA because my opinions are many and my stupid shit filter between my brain and mouth never seems to work;

    Forums exist for the sharing of opinions, thoughts, comments, commerce, and entertainment. People want to share ideas, have some fun, see some pics, whatever it is that draws them to a group of people talking. A similar forum was started under the name Riders2Xtreme which attempted to work in a different format. It was available to a select few, was managed as a group instead of as a forum, and eventually failed. A core group made a pretty solid friendship out of it, but unfortunately too many people got too involved. With this particular venue, we need to enter with a different view. Look at it as a community of many riders all over the state, and allow dissent amongst its people. Dissent is what causes communication and debate (something our single party government as of late has no concept of), which opens the eyes of those who are reading and broadens our perspectives. Yes, some things will be offensive. Yes, I will probably offend you. But remember its in order to stir debate and allow free thought. Many may plan rides through here, and thats a great usage of the free forum, but try not to bitch when someone you dont like shows up at EVERY ride you plan. Its open to all, so if you want to create a selected ride, dont exclude people from the site, just invite privately those who you want to be there.

    Just wanted to get that out, hated to see the R2X thing bite the dust, but it wasn't going to last without open expression and allowing all to enter.

    This thread will be wasted without replys and remarks to the above...

    &lt;he escends from the soapbox>

  2. Personally I think everything is fair game as long as it doesn't get to repeated personal attacks on a certain member for their views or differences. Racial slams are about the only thing I won't tolerate.

    Not everyone is going to get along and as people know each other better its easier to tell what someone means.

    The hard thing about forums is things can be taken out of context. Its not always easy to tell if a post is a light hearted jest or a cold hearted slam by someone pissed at the world.

    To me everyones differences, views of the world and knowledge is what makes forums interesting. If everyone was the same it would be very boring.

    That says it all right there. Good post and I know beans started this forum keeping that in mind.

    Lets also keep in mind that if you have a problem on the forum with someone a PM to that person will usually reconsile differences.

  3. I would rather not comment on the former R2X.

    I agree with Fighterama regarding this matter. A couple things to note about this particular forum, I have always promoted that this site belongs to everyone registered, no single one person or group. We all take part and contribute within a community that can share common things, mainly a love for motorcycles who reside within this state.

    I've asked the moderators to let the board police itself. All are welcome, and I cannot stress that enough. All are welcome, it doesnt matter what you ride, it doesnt matter for how long you have been riding, and it doesnt matter your skill level. The main intent was to allow people to talk and meet other motorcycle riders for rides within this state. It is nice to know that if you drive to the other side of the state, you can meet up with fellow riders in addition to rides going on wherever you reside.

    It brings a central location for a community to openly talk and freely express themselves. A lot of members have volunteered (I have not asked) to hand out flyers to promote the word. Myself and another jezterr are now registered for the Seattle Charity 100 event to promote the website for a good cause. I am working details out with the WMRRA as well as seeing our name on every ticket sold by Ticketmaster at the upcoming Seattle Moto Show in December. There are other works in the future to promote this site, but we never want to blacklist or outlaw any one person or group.

    If you dont like what someone says within a thread, you have every right to debate it in the general discussion (but please dont take it personal). We want you to enjoy the forum and know that you can actively participate as much as you'd like without worry of what others may think.

    Again, all are welcome. All opinions, comments, posts, whatever is welcome. Throw in some off-topic motorcycle related stuff.

    I personally post all sorts of stuff all throughout the forum. Like Eric said, to promote communication. But while I may not be as good as some riders on this board, I think everyone who does know me can say how much of a passion I have for motorcycles, all kinds. I have learned so much through forums in the past, and I continue to as well. I ready every dang post on this forum, and comment or reply or ask questions wherever I want to.

    But hey, if anyone finds anything offensive on this board, shoot me a pm or an email to and I'll look into it.

    Ok, I'll shut up now.
  4. I agree.

    Yeah, that's why there are smilies. Throw in a smilie or two just so people know you dont mean it in a bad way.

    But dont use this smilie 8) cause I made it just for LRG.
  5. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    Thank you.
  6. erickb

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    :scratchea did I miss something? Oh and I agree to everything that has been said.

    BUT in the spirt of talking smack, I rule this site and all should bow down to me :evil4:
  7. I'll trade you.... 1 RS50 for 50 bows. :thefinge:
  8. The Turk

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    you suck...
  9. Mic

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    I always look at Forums, from a standpoint of their general audience.

    You usually have these types.

    Personal/Private - Low Traffic, usually for a small group of people

    Broad/Global - This is a forum that is on a general idea, that covers a global, or near global scale. For instance, the site that are specific to a movie, a game, a tv show, etc.

    Localized Community - Kind of a mix between Personal/Private and Broad/Global. Typically is on a subject, or subjects related to a localized area.

    We fall into the "Localized Community" as this a site, dedicated to Motorcycles, in the Pacific Northwest (And then broke down into regions).

    It doesn't follow the same outline as a broad/global in the sense, that you will most likely never meet very many if any. Here, we meet, and known a good &#37; of the people in our area's.

    When you try and making something a Personal/Private community, but try to keep it open to the public, you will never gain popularity, as you will have a core that really doesn't want to expand outward.

    When you have a broad topic, and no localization, it is hard to get a small community that is localized, unless it becomes an extremely large website.

    Take PNWriders, spread everyone here evenly in every state in the US and Canada. This site wouldn't be as lively as it is. Sure, we could still talk about our bikes, and that's about it. We wouldn't be able to share in the local news and talk that we do.

    I view this as a local community. Some view it as "The Internet" and that nobody's opinion matters. I view it differently, because alot of us have actually met, and will probably meet a lot more people in the future, so why take the time to piss people off now?

    *shrug* Just my view on Forums... That's why I like this one, although at times it could go without the trolls.
  10. Way to bump a dead thread... :mrgreen:
  11. erickb

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    at spelling yes at being a ruler not so much :evil4:
  12. Mic

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    damnit, whats with all the old threads being reborn?

    Can we get an official "Kick Erics Ass" thread going?
  13. erickb

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    for 50 bows, I will take of $5 so $2,995 :devil: oh plus I will let you pick it up at my house and see the rest of the toys :nana
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    he gets very lonley, soon he will be curled up in the corner crying and shaking. It is the funniest thing you could ever see crackup:
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    There's already something similar, do a search.
  16. Mic

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    When I searched for "Erics Ass" All that I got returned was some thread about you and Beans on a Ferry, with only 1 bike, on your way to a remote spot...

    Just the few details there, kept me from reading it any further... :mrgreen:
  17. wait, I wasn't a member in 2005.:banghead: <---beans requested smilie!