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Why we wear gear!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Saw this...great read! Pics are graphic.


  2. Good post.. including the part about not spacing out while riding.. pay attention or die :rant

    I'm going to show these pics to Blondie.. she tries to complain every time I make her wear her full leathers.. but she's funny because she armors up completely for dirtbiking.. I believe it's because she knows my skill level on the street, but $hit happens to the best of us.. armor up or die! :shock:

    It's always amazing to me to see the Harley types with their half helmets, vests and T-shirts, and jeans.. rocks in the face are the least of their problems, especially if they go down.. they'll probably be toast!

    Problem for many riders, especially you younger folks/college students, etc.. is you often can't afford a set of perforated leathers or a Textile suit.. but try to afford it somehow, because it will pay off when, not if, you bite it.

    And to you complete idiots on sportbikes, wearing sandals, shorts, t-shirts and such, I have only one question: Can I watch when you bite it? If I can watch, I'm going to bring a camcorder.. and post it and your injuries on WA-Riders :clap
  3. this is a good comment...

  4. I just saw someone ride by my office, on a cbr900. wearing what looked like a shoei helmet, leather jacket race style gloves,

    shorts and sandals
  5. what i think is seeing these guys at the office depot ride their motorcycles on in with their girl sitting on the back only wearing lil flip flops on those passenger pegs. did i mention the girls are wearing nothing but a lil short skirt and a tank top.

    the girls look good, but damn wear some gear so they always stay lookin good!
  6. Same shit we see at my "office". Dont be a douche, gear up.

  7. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    I just got hit up today with the whole "Isn't it too hot to wear leathers?" line. Only this time, it was from a fellow rider who was in shorts.

    I not even that well decked out as I'd like to be either...still lacking good riding boots and riding pants.
  8. first of all....thats just gross.

    second of all...he proves a very valuable point....wear your flippin gear! I almost wish everyone would fall who is dumb enough to ride in shorts and t-shirts just so they get a reality check. I will never ride without leathers unless im just going across campus to class (less than 10mph and no traffic)
  9. Whenever anyone asks me if it's hot in my Roadcrafter, I simply tell them sweat washes off and road rash don't.
  10. I just love the whole wearing a leather Jacket, shorts and flip flops. See it all the time over here on the west side. It's like, whats the point of the jacket dumbass!!!!!

    I learned my lesson very early on in my riding life. First street bike, 82 Katana 550. 16 years old. Comming back from the lake wearing tank-top, shorts, and topsider shoes (no socks). oh and a helmet. Laid her down doing 50-60 on a right hand inc. radius. Father asked after the crash why did I even bother putting my helmet on. Point well taken. Spent the rest of that summer nursing roadrash over most of my body. Still have scars almost 19 years later.

    Let me tell ya folks. I can understand wearing jeans. I'll do it occasionaly when I ride to work. (Cautiously and sanely I might add). You will still get some serious roadrash if you lay it down but you will survive. BUT GET BOOTS that are durable and cover your ankles. Any good solid leather boot will do. The first thing that will go on a lowside is your ankle. Trust me on this one....

    Curt (one ankle ground down half the size of the other)
  11. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Thanks for using links to the pictures. I don't want to see them. Too gross for me today.
  12. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

  13. I passed one of "those groups" on the way home last night. 6 or 7 sportbikes, the riders were in at least leather jackets gloves jeans and good helmets, two were in full leathers. but 4 of them had there girlfriends on the back in shorts flip flops and sleevless shirts.
  14. Hi. I was shown this particular thread from the biking forum that I use over here in the UK.

    This topic is of particular interest to me as I had an accident where I was wearing full protective kit and still ended up with severe injuries.

    I went round a corner too fast, I lost the front and ended up colliding with the Armco. I was pinned between the Armco and the bike. Had I not been wearing my back protector, my spine would have been severed by the barrier. I broke my pelvis into multiple pieces. It was the fact that I was wearing leathers that stopped all my pelvis and internals spewing all over the ground. I had a good size gouge taken out of my left arm close to the elbow, this is whilst wearing Knox armour in my leathers. It is quite possible that I would have lost my arm. I broke eleven ribs. Some of those ribs punctured my lung. Oh and the fractured pelvis also caused internal injuries including cutting into my liver and slicing up my small intestines. I didn't come round for 4 days and apparently

    The day was the hottest day of the year last year. The ride home would have taken me about 20 minutes. If I had decided it was too hot to ride in my leathers I would not be here now.

    Just thought I would share my experiences, and remember I WAS wearing full protective gear.


  15. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I just laugh when I see those guys in tanktop shorts and shoes with no socks...I have been to CDA a few times and wow I dont even know what to say lol...I personally wouldnt even ride with those types of guys...
  16. Thanks for sharing that with us Simon, an excellent reminder once again of why we need to wear gear. I was actually amazed to see a local policeman on his motorcycle wearing a full-faced helmet which was odd to see. Now if only the cops would wear gear and armor, and set an example as they tell me to "press hard so I can get three copies"
  17. It still amazes me that folks don't gear up every time they ride, especially after seeing images like these. Dumba$$es...
  18. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    I am glad to see we are starting to get people from around the world. Thanks for posting your experiences Simon!
  19. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hehehe... my girlfriend always asks if she can just wear flipflops instead of gearing up... it's funny because she'll ask while she is on her way to getting her gear. lol. You have to make wearing gear a habit. :mrgreen: