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Will the new GSXR have more HP than the 10R ?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. From Motorcycle Daily:

    Will the 2005 GSX-R1000 be the New Horsepower King?
    By Dirck Edge

    "With the world press intro just around the corner, rumors are swirling that Suzuki's re-designed 2005 GSX-R1000 will take the horsepower crown in the 1000cc sport bike category. Some are speculating that the Suzuki may be more than five horsepower up on the current king, Kawasaki's ZX-10R. We should see some verifiable numbers reported within a couple of weeks, but the new bike has been ridden by some factory insiders and racers and it is reportedly extremely powerful in stock form."

    The 10 still looks better IMHO, and its such a small HP gain, but we'll see when the numbers come out for sure I suppose.
  2. I didn't know the 10 had more horse than the old bike; other than the mag prepped bikes- I have seen lots of real bike dynos the put them either neck and neck or within a couple horse. I like the ten but i don't like the cheap lcd gauges-basically suzuki sat on the old design for 4 years until everyone caught up-we will see but its getting to the point where these are getting hard to be streetable.

    Just take your bikes powerband then drop 100lbs and thats where the new bikes are-basically they are all hot bikes it just comes down to dependabillity and ridability-at least for the street.

    No one will no whats up until production bikes arrive-all the test bikes are factory massaged.

  3. Boy, I better sell mine! I use every bit of hp it has and 10 more would be just the ticket... yeah, that's it.
  4. I am starting to get scared now-what would someone even do with that kind of power-wouldn't catch me on one of them things-too fast :p
  5. Press Release
    February 9, 2005


    New Suzuki British Superbike rider Scott Smart is excited about his upcoming first test on the Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000K5 following the positive feedback on the new machine from World Superbike and American Superbike teams.

    The 28 year old will join British Superbike Champion John Reynolds at Valencia on February 18th and 19th for the team's initial test of the bike and he is already in a positive mood that his first ride will be a success.

    Scott said: "I have spoken with my chief technician Norris Farrow and my bike is ready for testing. I am pretty excited and Valencia cannot come quick enough.

    "We have put the new Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000K5 on the dyno and it is returning some impressive horsepower figures - and that's without starting to tune it. I'm not allowed to reveal its power output but it is right on the money and certainly more than I have ever had before.

    "The potential with the bike is enormous and we already have an indication of how good the bike is going to be thanks to the AMA and WSB test reports. The Suzukis have been posting the fastest times wherever they are testing and the riders are very confident.

    "What's particularly impressive is the simulated race distances the teams are doing. The overall race time is reduced significantly and the lap times are consistently at record pace. That's without any attempts at qualifying or going for a pure lap time and it is very encouraging for both 'JR' and me.

    "The hard graft for Rizla Suzuki starts now with our Valencia test and the further development of the bike. We have plenty of testing options available after Valencia and the remaining six weeks before the racing starts is going to be very busy."

    The team starts the defence of its British Superbike and Manufacturer titles at Brands Hatch, Kent on Bank Holiday Monday, March 28th.

    Source: Team Suzuki Press Office
  6. PR BS -yea its better than anything, you need to buy it....blah

    Austrailian tests are happening tommarow.
  7. Heres a production bike dyno-in its defense
    I think way to much is made out of dyno slips-its like the my bigger than yours argument. A dyno is a tuning tool to see if your mods and tuning is giving increased performance. That being said. I know there is no torque curve which sucks cause the zx takes off where last years gix stopped. Its an 04 zx-10 slip I pick up from a tuner on another forum.

  8. My Civic doesn't even make that at the crank. :(
  9. Disappointing numbers for an 04 zx10, but like you said, dyno's don't mean squat unless you are comparing 2 bikes on the same one on the same day with the same ambient conditions...
  10. From the same dyno (different day)...

    blue = 1k
    red = R1
    green = Busa

  11. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    obviously the gix has an inferior motor. I predict the 07 gix has a programmable ECU.
  12. I wish these companies would put less $$ into increasing hp and more into better suspension and/or lighter wheels....maybe adjustable rearsets? Anything other than striving for that extra (useless) 1 or 2 horsepower.
  13. Moto

    Moto Safety Wire King

  14. Moto

    Moto Safety Wire King

    they won't.
    production cost would go up and the little people would complain.
    they aren't going to put tip-top suspension on the bikes either - too many fOOktards would kill them selves from having a bike that actually responds and holds...
    they'd simply have too much control for their ability.

    adjustable rear sets - Ducati & Suzuki right now. you even get an adjustable seat on the Ducati...
  15. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    They do. It's just that HP sells, and it's the first number people flock to when a new bike comes out (case in point, this thread).

    Each of the bikes for '06/07 has lighter wheels than the year before. All of Suzuki's models have adjustable rearsets now. Suspension advances with each model iteration. Many of the latest models have adjustable high AND low speed compression damping on the shock.
  16. ricksr6

    ricksr6 The Doctor

    HAHA they already do!!
  17. Eric you diggin in the archives today??crackup:
  18. Moto

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    yeah...the 2k6 gsx-r1k actually has better suspension than the 2k5. they used better valving and stacks.
  19. Moto

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    he's getting ready to get a dog - he's practicing.
  20. Moto

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    well ok. then they'd really have way too much control for their ability lol.