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Windy Ridge back open for business!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by xplorz, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Was going to do Cougar Carson loop Sunday, but didn't want to deal with Hwy-14 traffic, so we just decided to see what all was open up towards Windy Ridge. Turns out it was all the way open since Friday. There was little traffic to deal with, but the roads are not getting any smoother up there.

    At the end.

    The viewpoint right before the end has the best views of the mountain....and no ranger looking for NW Forest passes.:secret:

    Spirit Lake pano
  2. That's really good news!! Last time I headed that way, the road stopped at Cascade Peaks, about 2 or 3 miles from Windy Ridge.

    Sounds like I need to get out there again! :mfclap:

  3. Nice pictures.

    I have been up there and up to Johnston ridge multiple times this year without running into anyone looking for Forest Passes. Maybe just luck though.
  4. Four of us were on Windy Ridge Saturday. The road, 99, is pretty bad, with growth hanging over the pavement and rocks everywhere. The view, however, is great and the ride challenging. If you really want a challenge, continue to Randle on 131. My 2012 Triumph Explorer dual sport was more suited than the crotch rockets trying to follow. Cagers were crawling over the six-inch frost heaves and deep depressions.
  5. Good to hear the road is open again, need to get up there with my G650 while the weather is still nice.
  6. Bad? That's just character. Makes the ride more interesting. :evil4:
  7. Cheaters... I have a NW Forest pass stuck to my windscreen :x And yes , the ride to Randle was a bit rough on the Busa , but fun.
  8. You aren't the only one who is bonafide. Mine is on my right fork slider.
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