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windy ridge, tuesday, 7/31?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by TheSumoBear, Jul 27, 2012.


    I've never been. I'd love to go. it Would be awesome if somebody who's done the ride before came along to lead the way.
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  2. It is 63 miles from Cougar to the top of Windy Ridge. You may want to stop at Eagle Cliff General Store and top off your tank to be on the safe side.
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  3. Good call. And I'm packing an extra half gallon as well.
  4. I might be in on this one. I usually don't work. I've never been there either though but heard that it's awesome.
  5. Well I hope you can make it. More the merrier.
  6. Not available on mobile :/
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  7. You can count me in on this one! I have never been up there, though. I normally post in the Gorge section, but only having Tuesdays and Wednesdays off from work has me outsourcing!
  8. I might come if my neck muscle gets better by then. I've been up there but its been awhile! Beware the potholes!
  9. Yes Wendy. You might take a head warmer. LOL it is an inside joke. Hopefully it will be warmer this time.
  10. Also, i don't know for sure, but i think you need a discovery pass to get into Windy Ridge now. Anybody know for sure?
  11. Yikes that'd be good to know wouldn't it? Lol. I friggen hope not though. Stoked ton the replies so far, my last ride post got a hundred views and not 1 reply. So shall we meet at 9 or 10? Or earlier or later? What works for everyone?
  12. I would like to go, just don't think i can swing it. Maybe though. I thin 10 would be good. KSU at 10:30. Better go by way of Carson, as they are more than likely going to be paving on 503.
  13. I may go on this ride. I haven't been to Windy Ridge this year.

    The best time to start is at first light. Gets you out ahead of normal everyday traffic. The rangers are still sleeping off last night's bender, the fishing fools are already on the water and the tourists are still lost. You have the road to yourself.
  14. What's KSU? and I would be all for leaving at first light if everyone else is down. Would be nice to beat the heat for the first little while. And going through Carson sounds good to me. I did cougar to Carson for my first time last week and the whole way down the hill to Carson I was thinking about how badass it would be to be going the opposite direction lol. There is alot of paving work on hwy 14 as well though.
  15. No you don't need a discovery pass as it's a National Monument. You do need an Interagency or some such Federal Pass, but guess what? No one was checking for them when we went. So your probably OK.

    KSU = Kick Stands Up
  16. I would love to go but work 7-1 that day :(
  17. I saw a bunch of discovery pass required signs last time up, but no one checked me for one.
  18. Hmmm. Think it would be hard to forge some? Lol. Jk.... Kind of.
  19. What time do you think you'll roll through Carson? That would be the best place for me to join up with you folks, as I'm coming from east of there.
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