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Windy Ridge Update

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by caslaw, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. The signs don't lie. About 10 miles past the gate NF-25 is blocked by snow. There was a plow there and I would guess that Windy should be open by the 4th but then again we didn't get to NF-99.



  2. So your saying this ten mile stretch of road has now become our personal race track till around the 4th? :devil:

  3. Tard!

  4. :ninja:
  5. I'll be the first one up there coz I know Jason D does not have a 'tard anymore..... :nana
  6. what day did you go? I was out there on thursday and thought about sneaking through the gate but I knew they are doing bridge work (on the other side I guess) and didn't want to startle/piss off any road workers.

    The website says they plan to open it on the 2nd.
  7. Thursday. The snow is way before the bridge. (If my memory serves me right the bridge is on the other side of 99). Not sure you could have squeezed through with your bags on (guess you could take them off). It was after 5 when we were there so no interference with any work. I would not want to interfere either. The only work being done was plowing. At the very end there was about an 6-8' wide plowed section through the snow.

    The road had debris, dirt, and sand in spots. Came across some elk in the road as well. However, if there is still snow on 25 then there must really still be snow on 99. Hopefully the budget will allow them to hit their deadline. They just don't have enough resources these days . . .
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  8. crackup: :mfclap: :devil:


    local LEOs read the boards too...

    :secret: 8)
  9. Yep. It's the temporary bridge well past 99. The temporary bridge went up two (three?) years ago when a corner washed out, big time.
  10. i want to know how you got street bikes around that gate :) .. i have done it on my klr and my xrr but a street bike .. that seems sketchy .. ( i went on the right hand side)
  11. :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

  12. Magic!
  13. Chris wanted some dirt bike lessons. So I taught him what I could on street bikes.
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  14. I have the fourfiddy and my supermoto setup.........and a legal plate for the R6!:stir:

    As soon as you can get past the snow on 25 you will be able to make it about 90% of the way up 99 to Windy Ridge if they havent plowed up there already.

    In the past years they had cleaned up the 99 road from the Randle side and cleaned the 25 road from the Cougar side. And as soon as I would be able to make it over the top of 25 I could pretty much always make it to Windy Ridge either the same time or within a week.
  15. :mfclap: I am back in town tomorrow...humm....Have been a while and I miss my old sportbike hunting spot! :evil4:

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