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Winter gear

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Nekura, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. What is everybody wearing for winter gear (if you can still ride and love a particular piece made in the last year or so, shout it out... my gear is old and I’m open to suggestions!

    I’m also in the Pacific NW (cold, rainy, dark) and throw about 10 to 12k miles a year commuting.

    Helmet: Simpson Street Bandit (you’ll either love it or hate it... it is NOT feature rich, also discontinued this year, so...)

    Gloves: Dianese Gortex Techno (Great gloves, but the membrane started leaking after about 1.5 years, now they just flood)

    Boots: Cortech low boot (great boots, but leaking like crazy after years in the rain and the sole is ragged - I got about five years of heavy abuse out of them and they’re still great summer boots)

    Jacket: Revit Sand 2 (starting leaking in its first year, had it for five and getting tired of having to reseal it constantly)

    Pants: First Gear (literally rolling over to its 10th birthday soon, I just ride with my rain layer under them to keep myself dry)

    What is everybody else running these days?