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Wmrra omrra noob questions

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Racer156, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    New to the area and trying to plan out what to do as far as racing. Moved here from the bay a couple years ago where I raced a sv650 superbike in AFM. I've been researching the local scene. My dream has always been to race a real gp bike in other words a tz250 or tz framed supermono. I've been pricing things out and weighing the pros and cons and am leaning towards a mid 90's tz. However, when I look through this years wmrra and omrra results I can't find a single 250 this the case?? Nobody races 250s in the PNW ?? Does this mean there are some good bikes hidden away in garages?? Or were they never popular up here? Let me know

  2. go to their websites for better information

  3. Uhhhh....not sure what you mean. I did go through their websites as I stated in the post. You mean it's better to post the questions on the race sites rather than on this site?
  4. Probably would be some better but I think quite a few racers visit this site and PNWMoto. There are a few two strokes racing that I am aware of. Jax, number 60, races an Aprilia 250 in WMRRA. One problem is where the rule books put the two poppers. Makes it hard for them to be competitive. You may want to take a close look at the rule book to see were you will fit in with the bike you want. It would be a bummer to find out 'after the fact' that you are predisposed to the rear of the pack and mixed with some much faster motorcycles...
  5. Ok cool, I'll apply for a wmrra login. I did go through the rule books in detail. There is a 250gp class, but looking through the results it's mostly Ktm390s and a few odd other bikes. I mean a stock tz even from the early 90s is 75 hp and 220 lbs. seems like cheating to put it against a ktm minibike. And it looks legal for early gp middleweight which really seems like cheating. Just wanted to know what I'm missing. Maybe maintainance is 10k /yr? I've read in other forums that top ends are rebuilt every 300 miles but I mean it's a two stroke so you can do it in an hour, and wisco sells them for 150 bucks....Maybe it's no fun to win all the time?
  6. The legendary Gene Brown races a couple of TZ250s at OMRRA...he is the only one anymore. We have a decent contingent of 125 2T that come out too.
  7. Welllll, many times there are not enough of a (rulebook) 'class' of motorcycle either entered or registered for the year so they have to start lumping classes together so they can get the racing done in the time allotted. Someone will almost always be mismatched in that. Better if you are on the faster end but if you are the slower one at the end of the straight a 50 MPH 'blow by' is not cool... And could be hazardous. They DO try and match them but it gets hard when there is not many bikes in 'odd' classes.
    You can always write or call the club officers to talk to them directly to get more details as well as posting on the club site. They are into it and real nice people.
  8. Ok cool that makes sense. I'll just call and ask or maybe go to the opener. Definitely don't want to get grouped with an 899 paginale or something crazy like that. In afm the run sv650s with 250 gp so I know about blow by! Not fun indeed.
  9. They lumped some of the vintage bikes with my group in one session and there was a guy on an old beautiful little honda twin. Could not shake him. It was pretty fun even though we were not technically in the same class. I had the bike advantage but he definitely had me beat on skill. Almost made me want to go find a vintage bike to run!
    I know WMRA had a well known racer get killed because of gross mismatched speeds at the end of a straight. They made some changes so that should not happen again, but like I said, it can be difficult to arrange.
  10. Yes, on their site specific forums. Better to get information from the source than third party. Or call them.
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