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women riders on concours

Discussion in 'Westside' started by kyler jenson, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Morning, I bought my 14 from a gal this last spring. I was a bit surprised SHE was the owner..
    As we talked I asked about how the bike had been treated- like how fast for instance? She replies that she's been up to 90. Always operated in eco mode for mileage. I'm thinkin' "great no abuse". In the weeks following I decided to bring er' up a bit, see how she goes. I went up to 115 and it didn't feel like it had any more. So I kept bringing it up every so often and it got better. More half to 3/4 throttle at lower speeds started clearing it out. I think she operated with a tad too light of throttle. Now it'll go right on up to 140 no problem. Haven't really wanted to go faster than that thanks. I must say that at that velocity it really sounds like you're in a jet at altitude. So the question is, how many women riders on these? I found one. .KJ
  2. You'll want to get the ECU flashed by 2 Wheel DynoWorks. They have a black friday sale for $269 ending today that'll totally wake up the bike

  3. Yo Naked, I believe mine was flashed. Just not sure who did it. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hello Kyler, do you live in the Seattle area? RAM Mounts is looking to use a Concours in the next powersports catalog. We'd be offering free RAM product in exchange for some photographs taken of the bike! Please let me know.
  5. Or Steve Sefsik at Shoodaben Engineering, arguably one of the most Connie-centric tuners out there. He concentrates mainly on the drivability, Nels concentrates on the power. C14 needs a lot of work on the "smooth" part.
  6. I ride dirtbikes, but I doubt that's the kind of woman rider you are referencing. :)