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WSU 4-30-05 ride (Rattlesnake Grade)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Skier, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Today was a heavily advertised and planned ride from Pullman, Washington to Clarkston, WA via Spiral Highway, then down the Rattlesnake Grade from Anatone. Food stop at the bottom and race back up the twisties.

    I tried catching my buddy Nick cleaning his helmet's visor with the gas station's windshield scrubber thing, but was too slow with the camera.

    Here we all are. You can just barely see my neighbor's Honda Silverwing behind Cary's big 1500cc cruiser.

    Here we are on top of Spiral Highway:

    We snagged an unsuspecting tourist to take our pictures:

    Disaster! On the top of the Spiral, my poor Rad's turn signal was drooping really badly. The effects of my roommate bending the snot out of it (after he dropped my bike, moving it without my permission :roll: ), my repair and someone bending it AGAIN in a parking lot finally took its toll. We decided to hit up a NAPA a few miles off and get some epoxy putty stuff.

    Here's Cary cleaning the area with a gasoline-soaked chunk of paper towel:

    Best picture of the field repair I could get:

    Halfway down Rattlesnake Grade:

    Yours truly:

    Here we are at the bottom, at Boggan's Cafe. Top notch burgers and shakes. Here's a picture of a Marion Berry that you could get a shake made with:

    :shock: It's huge, huh.

    Here's my shake with said Marion Berries:

    Nick, taking it easy on the chair:

    We continued on straight towards Enterprise, OR. At this point we were done with the set of twisties (which were covered with gravel, we had to take it real easy). 4,100 feet high, according to my GPS.

    Cary on his Kawa cruiser:

    Not even five miles from home, Cary catches up to me after I rifled through some twisties and tells me the turn signal is fubared. I pull off to the side and perform a roadside repair to limp home:

    And I finally made it, all safe and sound.

    Hands down, this was the longest ride I've ever done. I think we put in about 150 miles today. I took some aspirin before leaving and wore a lower back brace Cary brought for me and my back felt fine the whole time. Maybe that flyscreen isn't needed after all. :)

    Bonus picture showing how far over I rolled on my rear tire:

    I actually got it all the way to the lip on the way down Rattlesnake Grade. And drug a peg on the twisties coming out of Anatone. Oh, and my bike rolled over to 23,000 miles on the way back and I'm officially at 4,000 miles in the saddle. 8)
  2. Many props, looks like you guys had a good time. Interesting collection of bikes for the trip, looks like fun!


  3. Haha Nick looks the exact same as ever in that Aerostitch costume!

    Very nice pics, glad to see the weather was as nice there as it is here.
  4. Thanks Matt for posting the pics. I forgot my camera and was glad to know that others did have one.

    WOW!!! What an absolutely beautiful day for a nice ride. The company was great and the ride was also. I had never seen a Marion Berry until we stopped at Bogans for some food and the waitress there told us about these berries and then asked us if we wanted to try a Marion Berry shake...and I have to was tasty! She even brought a berry out from the freezer so we could look at it and I swear the thing was over and inch long and a half inch wide.

    I think Nick said the waitress told him that there are around 150 - 180 turns on the Rattlesnake Grade and around 80 turns going toward Joseph up that grade. I know I scraped the floorboards a few times and was hanging on in a few turns. ;)

    This was an awesome day and ride and hope to do it again!
  5. How is that Rattlesnake Grade compared to the ride out to Elk River?
  6. I personally don't think there is a comparison of these two rides since the ride to Elk River doesn't even come close to the amount of turns and decent as the RattleSnake Grade has. As far as scenery goes...the ride to Elk River is more forest by the time you hit Deary and beyond but the level of difficulty is much...much higher at Rattlesnake Grade. I would not want to send an inexperienced rider down...or up the RS Grade as it can make an experienced rider use all of his/her skill to make it all the way. I'm sure there's probably someone reading this who has been down and up the RS grade and snickering about my description...but in good conscience...I would take it easy with new riders going to RS. I don't mean to scare anyone...just think a little knowledge can go a long way so using caution would be smart and keep people safe. It's worth the time to ride it if you have the time. Just my thoughts.
  7. Marion berries, blackberries, raspberries, they are all weeds with huge berries in oregon. Its a wonderful place!

  8. Looks like you guys had fun!

    One of these times I have got to try both of those roads... I've been bugging trnbrn to do Spiral for like forever. Unfortunately, there is not a real fun way to get down to Lewiston from Spokane... too many blah roads.
  9. Highway 26 is about as good as it gets between Spokane to Pullman. From Pullman to Lewiston, there are some really good roads.

    Gotta get Tony and his brother to break away for a day and bring the pair of Ducs down there...
  10. I might know a very interesting way to get there... not the most direct but very fun, almost consistent twist....

  11. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i really missed out. I wish I could have been there. Am back in Pullman now though, so next one i'm there!
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