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WTF $2.30 per mile?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Blackstar, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. anbody read the paper today? talking about in europe tracking everyone by gps and charging them for the use of busy highways by the mile??!?!?! $2.30 per mile!!!!!! I thought oh those crazy limeys...then i read that seattle has slready considered this and is doing a study currently that will conclude in 2006. It's time to spill the life fluids of some of our local government bodies. (facts may not be 100% verbatum as i am recalling this from memory and i only had a chance to skim the article) :evil:
  2. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    That'll get the carpools rolling...

    Brings up interesting issues on the rights of drivers license holders (which you pay for in order to gain the right to use the road).

    But at the same time, if they can require tolls for bridges...

    And what about hacking GPS units to report that you weren't travelling down the road?

    Or mistakes in GPS reporting (bad signal, etc) that could accidentally put you down for 5 miles on a busy highway when really you just went to Burger King on a side road?


  3. Gas prices need to come back down!

  4. No one is more ready to begin that "spilling" than Mr Max :evil:
    Socialism and big government sucks. The American revolutionaries (My ancestors were there) in 1776 understood what the only remedy was!!
  5. there actually "piloting" this in Seattle next year!

    They are going to pay a select number of people living on the east side a set $ amount and will install chips in their cars... then when they drive certain roads... they'll be charged per mile (Based on time of day, distance travelled, etc.) So that ultimately what they've been paid will cover the costs... and they get to keep what they have saved. (I don't know how much they are going to get to do this study)...

    Anyway, the idea is to see if knowing you are paying per mile will change the pattern in which you drive, the roads you choose, and how much you choose to carpool...

    If it's successful (in causing less traffic, or more carpooling...) they will roll it out (Assuming it passes some vote) and then force people to pay per mile driven, etc.!

    It's a crazy idea...
  6. That is crazy insane bullshit take that chip out and shove it up some high polutant govermant asshole and tell him to take a walk on a busy road [​IMG]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Think about it, if they know which road your driving on and
    they know how long its taking you to get from point A to point
    B and they are using GPS, then they are also going to know
    whether your speeding or not and they won't even have to
    be there to catch you.
  8. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    I recently took a trip to Northeastern Japan, I was shocked at how expensive it is for them to travel on the freeways there! Most major freeways charge a toll to use. If you don't want to pay the toll, you get to drive on the backroads. While they don't use GPS to track people, they do have toll booths at most of the entrances/exits which are equipped w/ electronic sensors so that you can prepay for tolls, called ETC - Electronic Toll Collection, which is usually used either by people who commute a lot or well-to-do types. It's crazy! You insert this credit-card looking thing into a slot up near your rear-view mirror on the roof, which you've already paid cash onto, and everytime you drive through a toll gate this soothing female voice comes over the speakers in your car and says something like "ETC...THANK YOU". If you're just an average joe, you get to line up with the rest of the cretins and wait your turn to pay at the toll booth. Thankfully I was staying with rich people!

    Anyways, as an example, I was driven from Ishinomaki City into Sendai, the nearest big city. It was around a 45 minute drive, probably not too much different from commuting from somewhere like North Bend into Seattle. It cost almost $ way. I'm not sure if they had to pay in both directions as I took the train back, but even if it's only a one-way toll, it's still pretty out of control. Doesn't add up to $2.30 a mile, but it was plenty spendy!!!! Screw that noise!!!!
  9. Norway has a similar system, all "freeways" and some of the smaller roads in the cities have tolls. The only good part, for people like us, motorcycles were exempt from the tolls.
  10. Most of the major east coast turnpikes are tolls! I use to live in Wash. DC and to drive up to NY, it would cost approx. $25 in tolls.
  11. I studied traffic engineering in college. It is crazy how much cheaper it is to drive in this country. It doesn't even come close to anywhere else in the world.
  12. SO CALI is doing it on its freeways(the ones in know about are O.C.) its a good way to make people carpool,and piss off the rest............