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WTT 2012 ninja 650r sports bars setup for stock setup. Bellevue WA

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by ellevehc, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Just as title says. I have the sports bars with clip ons and want to trade for a stock setup. No I dont want to sell, I still ride the bike and dont want a lot of down time waiting for parts. Would be great if you brought the bike, we swapped to make sure everything fit, then be on our way. If you want more info text me at 41779353nine eight. I am located in Bellevue WA.
  2. Hello, I just got a 07 Ninja 650 and could use different bars as I had it lowered with lowering link and the forks in front. Just swapped up from 250 that I rode for 6 years and the bars are quite a reach - you think what you have might be a good trade for us both?
    Also, I have no one to ride with and learning this monster alone. I'm in Bellevue as well. 206-446-6050

  3. Lower "sportier" bars probably won't be much help for a shorter rider. They usually also move the grips forward, away from the seat.

    Here's a post about the difference between the stock bars and "sport bars." I prefer the Suburban Machinery bars. The older version sits in about the same place as the "sport bars," but look the SM look more like they belong.
  4. Thank you, just learned a bit talking to Kawi and the stock bars were adjusted back they are close to the tank but still able to lock and just need to get time under me. Appreciate the links and response.
  5. No luck on ebay? You can try out any 7/8" bar, just be sure that it clears the tank and fairing at lock. You may also have to drill holes for the cluster locating pins.
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