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Wu! Wraps here for the PNW riders! hit me up for any info/ q's about vinyl wrapping

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Wu Wraps, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. non bike related, wrap jobs are starting to get bigger & bigger!

    2014 Yamaha AR192 Avery Supreme Satin Black accents vinyl wrap Wu! Wraps Imperial Tint seattle wa

    sup sup, another water sport vehicle wrapped up by Jeff & I! this time we got a 2014 Yamaha AR192. so boat was white with gloss black. owner wanted to add more black to it but at the same time make it more of a accent black color. so we decided to wrap the lower white section just below the beltline @ the upper section btwn the gloss black @ white area. we used Avery Supreme Satin Black! hard to get a good shot of it against the gloss black, one of those gotta see it in "person" type deals! looks legit tho! owner is obviously Hawaiian, so Jeff did some decals to represent. owner is stoked! lots of prep work involved with a job like this, peel off old decals, clean old adhesive off, clay bar more adhesive off, tack rag wipe off any left over adhesive debris, mock up a TON of knifeless tape, cut patterns, wrap, lots of post heating time, then edge sealer along areas submerged in water, then decal work... total job time on this one was about 12-15hrs or so. Wu! Wraps Imperial Tint Graphics Wraps

  2. non bike related, but i think this is the BIGGEST job we have done to date! lots of hrs in this one...

    2009 Azure 30' Sport Boat 3M 1080 Matte Dark Grey vinyl wrap Wu! Wraps Imperial Tint seattle wa

    sup sup, so FINALLY i get a chance to post pics of this BEAST that Jeff & I wrapped up!! this is Jeffs rigg, u buy a boat, u gotta make it match the custom wrapped/ modded Escalade truck that tows this BEAST! =D so, where do we start on this project!... think we went through 5x90' of vinyl wrap for this thing, lots of prep, cleaning, etc... lots of complex curves/humps/dips/rolls/etc... def not for the novice wrapper... we used 3M 1080 matte dark grey for body, gloss blacks for all chorme accents/tower underside, windshield frame,pinstriped our break from grey to white, matte black for the "Imperial" logo, Vvivid Vinyl 4D True R black CF for the beltline, swim deck accent and tower base... came out SICK!!! we got over 70+hrs into this job... probably the longest job we have done to date, but well worth the labor! i'm sure some of you will see this out and about this summer! Wu! Wraps Imperial Tint Graphics Wraps


  3. wassup everyone, i'm still around! sorry haven't been very active on PNWR, busy with wraps & dayjob & life! but i am very active on my FB page Wu Wraps. also you can feel free to txt me or email me for fastest response! thanks again everyone for lookin & making my post the highest viewed post in the marketplace!! thank you all!

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    close to Hazen Highschool & 900
  4. cafe racer fairings Vvivid Vinyl matte metallic white

    something a lil different here folks. some super high quality fiberglass cafe racer bike parts wrapped with Vvivid Vinyl matte textured metallic white vinyl! came out great! customer provided material on this one. some semi thick material that tears EASY!... gotta be super careful how you lift/re-position this stuff... also the curves on these parts were really pushing the stretchability of this vinyl to it's limits! high risk wrap job on this one folks. LOTS if 3M Primer94 along all edges and lots of postheating/ heating edges to relieve as much tension as possible b4 folding underneath the edges... also let these parts bake in the sun for a few hrs and all was holding up well. owner is super happy with the results as am i. hope to get installed pics soon! Wu! Wraps
    IMG_1747.JPG webIMG_1735.jpg webIMG_1736.jpg webIMG_1737.jpg

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  5. webIMG_7999.jpg 04 Honda CBR F41 tank & front fender abstract shape wrap

    owner wanted a refresh on his banged up tank and fender for his "stunt bike". wanted a abstract shape look with whites/gray/black tones. so left it up to me to do what i could do. came up with this scheme, tried to keep it as abstract as possible. don't mind the dings/damage to some of the parts, it is a stunt bike! lots of precise line cutting on this one, i cut it all by hand, but used the clean line of the knifeless tape as a guide to my hand cuts. not hard, not easy, but laying out the scraps & cu webIMG_7990.jpg
    webIMG_7991.jpg webIMG_7992.jpg webIMG_7993.jpg webIMG_7994.jpg
    tting them is a bit nerve racking!... u find yourself "thinking" about how u wanna put the pieces and start second guessing yourself, thus making the job take longer than you think it should've... but all in all, owner is super happy with the results! hope to get pics soon of this thing put back together! Wu! Wraps

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  6. webDSCN7412.jpg webDSCN7413.jpg webDSCN7414.jpg webDSCN7415.jpg webDSCN7416.jpg webDSCN7417.jpg webDSCN7418.jpg webDSCN7419.jpg webDSCN7420.jpg webDSCN7421.jpg
    Suzuki GSXR 2006 fairings 3M 1080 matte dark blue satin black

    owner dropped off some fairings that needed some MAJOR work!... lots of scuffs/chipping cheap paint, mismatched colors, you name it!... spent a bunch of time prepping/sanding the parts smooth enough for wrap... not fun, but it's gotta be done! so wrapped the parts in 3M 1080 matte dark blue, Avery Supreme satin black, and Vvivid Vinyl 4D True R black cf. came out sick! lots of tedious cutting/seams... but all came out great! hope to get pics of bike put back together soon! owner is super happy with the results as am i. total job time was about 8hrs on these parts... as always bike parts are the hardest/most time consuming things to wrap!... Wu! Wraps UDPATE 8/16: finally got some completed pics of the bike all put back together! lookin good! owner loves it, holding up nicely, i'd say job well done! Wu! Wraps
  7. webDSCN7422.jpg webDSCN7423.jpg webDSCN7424.jpg webDSCN7425.jpg webDSCN7426.jpg webDSCN7427.jpg webDSCN7428.jpg

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  8. bike tank accent Vvivid Vinyl 4D True R black CF

    owner brought me a tank with some bad paint oxidation from careless gas filling up... owner sanded it, primed it and hit me up, to wrap it up! i ended up sanding it a lil smoother to make it a bit more flush. wrapped with some Vvivid Vinyl 4D True R black CF, cut with knifeless tape, and some matte black pinstripe tape for the edge to give it a more custom look. came out great! owner is super happy with the results. Wu! Wraps IMG_4112.JPG
    webIMG_4106.jpg webIMG_4107.jpg webIMG_4108.jpg

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  9. more pics of the blue & cf bike:

    webIMG_9156.jpg webIMG_9157.jpg webIMG_9158.jpg webIMG_9160.jpg webIMG_9161.jpg webIMG_9162.jpg webMG_9159.jpg
  10. Honda CBR

    more bike parts to wrap, always fun... so wrapped this tank and tail with Avery Supreme matte black & Vvivid Vinyl 4D True R black cf two tone & finished it off with some gloss black pinstripe where the seam is. came out SICK! owner is super pumped about the results as am i. even with the 2 tone job on the tank, the CF section was still pretty challenging. especially since the damn thing wasn't really stationary... i kinda wedged it on some cardboard boxes and had wife gimmie a hand holding it sturdy during stretching/heating... def would have been easier with another set of hands. but got it done! total job time was about 4hrs or so... Wu! Wraps
    webIMG_0571.jpg webIMG_0572.jpg webIMG_0573.jpg webIMG_0574.jpg webIMG_0575.jpg webIMG_0576.jpg

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  11. Honda Shadow 750 2002 Avery Supreme matte black

    another bike wrapped up! my buddy bought a Honda Shadow but it had some funky flame job and the paint has seen better days... so we decided to give it a more updated modern stealth look! had to sand down the hard edges from the custom flame paint job, and smooth out some high spots and runs in the clearcoat... now the flames look like embossed ghost flames, pretty legit! also wrapped a bunch of chrome trim bits. all in all this was a pretty complex job... the gas tank was a nightmare to wrap!... had to make 2 seams per front edge of the tank to do it in 1 pc... seams get hidden up front tho so i still feel comfortable with the way it came out. hope to get pics of it put back together soon! total job time was around 7-8hrs... not easy!... Wu! Wraps webDSCN7511.jpg
    webDSCN7568.jpg webDSCN7570.jpg webDSCN7572.jpg webDSCN7573.jpg webDSCN7574.jpg webDSCN7575.jpg webDSCN7576.jpg webDSCN7577.jpg webDSCN7578.jpg
  12. Honda Grom fairings Avery Supreme matte black

    more bike parts dropped off a while back. these are from a Honda Grom. oem high gloss black, but owner wanted a more stealth look. so i wrapped them with some Avery Supreme matte black! came out great! some complex shapes here but not too hard. few seams here and there but looks killer! owner is super happy with the results. hope to get pics once this Grom is complete! i know owner has a lot of plans for this rig. forgot how long this one took, prob around 4-6hrs or so. Wu! Wraps webDSCN7411.jpg
    webDSCN7431.jpg webDSCN7432.jpg webDSCN7433.jpg webDSCN7434.jpg webDSCN7435.jpg webDSCN7436.jpg webDSCN7437.jpg webDSCN7438.jpg webDSCN7439.jpg
  13. Harley Davidson 2011 HD XR1200X Vvivid Vinyl 4D True R blk cf

    more bike parts! i was told by owner this is a pretty rare bike to own. haven't seen one in person myself so i'd agree with him. mailed over from down south. front fender not so hard, but the side fairings where a lil more complex. i did them in 1 pc, but this part was def borderline, safer to go with 2 or 3pc wrap. but u gotta give it a shot and see what happens! came out great! owner is very happy with the results! forgot how long these took, i'm guessing 3-4hrs... Wu! Wraps webDSCN7348.jpg
    webDSCN7349.jpg webDSCN7350.jpg webDSCN7351.jpg webDSCN7352.jpg webDSCN7353.jpg webDSCN7354.jpg webDSCN7355.jpg webDSCN7356.jpg webDSCN7357.jpg
  14. riding season is coming soon! HMU folks if you need anything wrapped up to look fresh for the summer!