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Wu! Wraps SOTT Elemento-6 GLOSSY Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap suitable for EXTERIOR parts!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Wu Wraps, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. alright folks! FINALLY a high gloss/smooth to the touch/reflective/realistic/LOTS of DEPTH in the cf pattern VINYL WRAP that WILL HOLD UP TO THE ELEMENTS!!!!!

    this is the semi new SOTT Elemento-6 high gloss carbon fiber vinyl wrap thread. i will post only pics of MY competed work with this material here! as of 7/2017 so far what i have wrapped with this material is holding up to the elements as advertised. right now is the authorized US distributor of the product. you can buy some online from them same as i would. this material is much more expensive than other CF vinyl wrap available at the moment. also it has a very high initial tack & the air release is not as good, but not bad at all due to the thickness of film & glossy lamination on top. basically expensive and hard to work with= more time consuming/more expensive installation cost. with that said, take a look at the pics and see whatcha think! Wu! Wraps
  2. Acrua TSX trunk spoiler SOTT elemento-6 glossy CF

    9 Photos · Updated 3 months ago webIMG_9489.jpg webIMG_9490.jpg webIMG_9491.jpg webIMG_9492.jpg webIMG_9493.jpg webIMG_9494.jpg webIMG_9495.jpg webIMG_9496.jpg webIMG_9497.jpg
    alright folks, here's the album of the NEW SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF! spoiler sanded smooth and wrapped up! did it in 2 pieces, top and bottom. hides seams really well, not much tension on this part, but material handles a lil stretch & grabs the edges very well! no 3M Primer94 used on this part! kinda like a test rat wrap! owner is super happy with the way it looks as am i! Wu! Wraps

  3. Alpha Romero Giulia SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF roof spoiler

    webIMG_3108.jpg webIMG_3109.jpg
    More pics of some installed SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF vinyl wrap! brand spankin new Alpha Romero Giulia fully loaded in for 1st round of mods. owner bought a lil roof spoiler off ebay but didn't just want it to be black rubber. wrapped it up and now it looks great! curves on this spoiler really show the depth in the cf vinyl pattern in the vinyl! owner & i are very pleased with the results. Wu! Wraps
  4. BMW e92 M3 roof SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF

    alright folks some more pics of the NEW SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF in action! this time on a larger surface/you really can see how nice and glossy/reflective this stuff is! clean BMW e92 M3 in for a roof wrap. Jackie Tabalbag & I wrapped the roof, roof rails, and antenna cover all with the new new. came out great! a lil harder to work with due to the initial tack of this materials glue, but nothing 2 experianced wrappers can't handle. did the antenna cover in 1 piece with 2 seams on the sides as a test to see how well this stuff will hold up on a curve. test rat wrap 2.0! owner is diggin tha new look! Wu! Wraps webIMG_9654.jpg
    webIMG_9655.jpg webIMG_9656.jpg webIMG_9657.jpg webIMG_9658.jpg webIMG_9659.jpg webIMG_9660.jpg webIMG_9661.jpg webIMG_9662.jpg webIMG_9663.jpg
  5. webIMG_9861.jpg webIMG_9862.jpg webIMG_9863.jpg webIMG_9864.jpg webIMG_9865.jpg webIMG_9866.jpg webIMG_9867.jpg webIMG_9868.jpg BMW f10 5-series M-Sport front lip SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF

    more work with the NEW SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF! this time on a more curvy part so you can really see how it bends/the glossiness works over a semi complex turn. sanded part to smooth out/rough up the gelcoat a bit for better tack. used 3M Primer94 along all edges just in case, but it felt like i prob didn't need to. Jackie Tabalbag & I knocked this out in no time! this stuff is much easier to work with with 2 people due to the initial tack is a lil more aggressive. came out excellent tho! owner is stoked with the new wrap! 2nd lip i did for same owner, 1st one is toast, so got another one! Wu! Wraps
  6. webIMG_3474.jpg webIMG_3495.jpg webIMG_3496.jpg webIMG_3497.jpg webIMG_3498.jpg webIMG_3499.jpg webIMG_3500.jpg webIMG_3501.jpg webIMG_3502.jpg webIMG_3503.jpg Mercedes E-Class w212 interior trim SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF

    more work with the new SOTT Elemento-6 glossy cf vinyl! this time we have a nice and clean Mercedes W212 E-Class in need of a more modern/sleek interior update! door panel trim was wrapped on car, but everything else removed. all came out great! looks super custom & is a nice contrast against the cream leather. owner is super happy with the results as am i. Wu! Wraps
  7. Honda Civic eg/ek hatchback roof spoiler SOTT Elemento-6 CF

    pretty awesome part dropped off for the new SOTT Elemento-6 glossy CF treatment! this is a pretty high quality sheet of aluminum & curved nicely! owner sanded it SMOOTH for me prior to wrap along with the edges for a super clean finish!

    Some of you know by now I HATE SANDING SHIT!... but i will do it if needed & if you don't know how to sand something SMOOTH yourself... i WILL CHARGE YOU for this, and if i feel like what your part needs is much more work than what i can do by hand, i will refer you to my bodyshop contacts to "PREP" your parts for a vinyl wrap job. i'm no bodyshop guy, i DO NOT work with bondo/mudding/filling/plastic welding/fiberglass working/epoxy work/resin work etc...

    so back to this customer prepped SUPER SMOOTH roof spoiler! i wrapped the underside 1st, rolled over the edge but not over the top area. then wrapped the top section rolling over the edge. so top sheet overlaps the bottom sheet of IMG_0702.JPG
    webIMG_0693.jpg webIMG_0694.jpg webIMG_0695.jpg webIMG_0696.jpg webIMG_0697.jpg webIMG_0698.jpg webIMG_0699.jpg
    vinyl by 1/8" or however thick the aluminum is. probably little to no tension on this wrap job, should hold up just fine. owner is super happy with the results as am i! Wu! Wraps

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