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XSound2 Helmet Speakers!! REVIEW!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Danep21, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. So, 2 weeks ago I ordered a set of XSound2 Helmet Speakers from They were $50 + $10 shipping.

    At about .5" thick, they are thin enough to install under your helmet lining, I put mine on the styrofoam piece where the ear fits once your helmet is on.

    I ran the wires under the lining, and had the 3.5mm plug stick out of the helmet for easy accessibility.

    I forgot to take pictures of them so that you guys can see :tard:

    For $50, these are A LOT more comfortable then wearing headphones/ear buds under your helmet. If you install them in a good spot, as I did (by chance the first time), with the helmet on, I cant even tell they are their.

    They have PLENTY of volume, and with the EQ on my iPod turned Off, the speaks provide zero distortion at full volume, Sound quality impressed me for what they are, they aren't overly BRIGHT (to much treble), yet they reproduce bass frequencies decently for a .5" thickness.

    Also, having the volume control inline is nice and very convenient. However, the cord that is supplied, is only about 2' long, so, in my case (iPod in backpack) that doesnt leave me any 'breathing' room. So what I did was went to Radio Shack and bought an 8' 3.5mm cord to plug between the inline volume control and into my iPod. This leaves a LOT of extra cable, but that just got tucked away into my backpack.

    All in All, I am very pleased with these. for $50, they sound good, volume is plentiful, with MINIMAL if ANY distortion. Very Low profile, and comfortable.

    This is an Excellent road to take if you agree that its a pain in the ass to route the wire for your ear buds, and hope they stay in your ear when you put your helmet on. I now Put my helmet on, and plug the speakers (cord permanently stick out of helmet) into the cord that I wired to my backpack.


    Link To Product:
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  2. nice, exactly what i did except i didnt spend more than $20. you can buy just about any head set/headphones that wrap around the back part of your head, just break the plastics then the wire will be free and then you will have 2 speakers (obviously) and just tape them (double sided tape) to the exact same spot that Danep21 said. And suprisingly mine do sound really clear and plenty loud. but congrats. and its wayyy better than ahving ear buds then have them fall out during your ride!

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    So, how fast have you had them up to and on what bike?
  4. I have the Xsound2 speakers also. High quality and good sound, but I didn't find them loud enough at freeway+ speeds. My Bell Star helmet has more wind noise than my last helmet, so I got a little amplifier that I keep in my tank bag. I picked the amp up at radioshack for cheap and have about 5 hours logged on the batteries so far, and it's still goin strong. The amp is a a small cylindrical shaped device similar in size to a roll of quarters. It pumps the volume nicely and most importantly doesn't seem to distort the signal quality. I'm really liking the setup so far.
  5. I havent gotten to Freeway speeds with them yet, just putting around town 25-45mph, on a 2009 CBR600 with stock exhaust. They are plenty loud so far, but the bike is parked until the sun comes out :angry7:

    I dont like cleaning it after riding in the rain... lol And i'm very anal about my bike, so no matter what, it gets cleaned after a wet ride.... :roll:
  6. You would shudder if you seen the condition my bike is in right now lol. It's my daily driver so I ride rain or shine 30 miles to work. It's filthy right now! :ninja:
  7. heh...the only thing clean on my bike most of the time is the chain.

    I'm also wondering how this set-up works on the freeway. Earbuds provide a little bit of noice cancelling at least.
  8. Well I just took your idea and made my own! :mfclap: I just took an old broken pair of Sony headphones that I had sitting in a drawer. Tore it apart, taped the back up so the wires weren't exposed and taped the speaker into the helmet. It works pretty good in town. But at highway speeds the music is very quiet. I ride with ear plugs though so this is most of my problem. I'm not sure what I could do to make them louder.




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  9. I have that same helmet, I did the old hedphone trick, but have the same problem at higher speeds.

    I need to fing this amp you are talking about. How much was it?

  10. I think the amp was $20-30. It's called a "Boostaroo." I would estimate that volume went up about 40-50% with it.
  11. Huh....Whaaat did you say?

    Oh well, I am already deaf!
  12. Sweet, thanks! :mfclap:
  13. Ya, i went for a ride this weekend for the first time at highway speeds... the music can barely be heard over wind noise. I went to radio shack and bought the same amp you have 'Boostaroo', i think it was $28.99. It deffinetly adds about 40-50% volume. The one at Headsetgadgets claims to increase by 200%. Havent ridden since i bought the Amp though.
  14. Been looking at/for something like this for a while, I can't do earphones for more than about ten minutes.

    Wondered about helmet speakers and ear plugs, and how loud they need to be cranked up to hear over the wind noise. I'm worried that they'll have to be cranked up so much to overcome the wind noise that the speakers would then become the noise hazard.

    Especially being that I really only want the tunes for long boring slab runs across the country.
  15. Lol. Playing music on headphones jammed into helmet, with amp to overcome windnoise.

    What could possibly wrong with that????

    If ONLY there were other solutions that didn't damage hearing....dammit!
  16. Yeah. Seems like someone would come up with earplug speakers that kill the wind noise and don't have to be cranked up so high they rattle yer teeth loose.

    Oh wait, they did :)
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