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Yamaha V-Max-Shockingly powerful V4!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Apr 1, 2006.

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    Yamaha V-Max-Shockingly powerful V4!

    Yamaha has been doing loads of research ahead of a launch of a completely new V-max. The firm states that it has never before launched a concept bike so early and never before asked what you think in such a scale either. The engine is unbelievably beautiful and the whole concept oozes of masculine testosterone turbo mach 3 muscle appeal. Whilst the last decade has been dedicated to the softly-softly slightly pathetic man, Yamaha thinks men will finally be men again. If that's the case for you too you better go and fill in that questionnaire and make sure you tick that box next to 200PS! We have been generous and added seat, headlight, blinkers and mirrors for you. The question is: How easily will the standard V-max destroy Harley Destroyer? I want a V-max!

    Source: Raptors & Rockets

  2. Very sweet bike, but it will come with a nice price tag from what Iam hearing,and I don't thing I can wait another year for it. New Busa time maybe LOL
  3. What are the two pipes just under the steerin with the Yamaha sign?
    Nice bike by the way.
  4. The Max world has been all abuzz about the possibility for a few years, Now Yamaha is even interviewing current Max owners in their homes to see "what their MC lifestyle is all about". And to get even more feedback than the online questionaire they have had out. They are even giving out freebies to the interviewees !

    In my case they would get to see my cobra and the mods I have done to my Max, and that I want at least 200 RWHP (doable easily at this time with the mods available from ) Modern electrical, frame, brakes (Max brakes are good now though) EFI, Radial tires and maybe a 6th speed overdrive :shock:

    Since I have the Max already I can wait. I'm putting my Mad Max plans on hold in anticipation. I'll likely keep my Max and buy the new one after a year or two of production to let them debug it, and in the meantime maybe buy a 1200RT or FJR1300 for a sport tourer. I love biking and it may get even better!

  5. I think you mean the ram air induction scoops? On the stock current Max they are faux.. but you can buy real ram scoops (aftermarket) if you want 'em

    PS: The current Max easily beats the Harley V-Rod in all depts, and it's a 20+ year old design..!
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