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Yay, I got a new bike!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Red Raevyn, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. I turned my GSXR over in sub 24 hours, and in less than 48 have my SV, haha. She's dirty as the previous owner had her sitting for a while, just riding it enough to keep it from going to pot, but she's solid and I got a great deal.

    I need to clean it up so I can ride it more!

  2. Cool ride. Why the switch from an I4 to a VTwin? (I'm just curious) I think Vtwins rock...but seem to give up alot on the top end...

  3. Nice bike. A friend of mine rides an SV 650. Great street bike. Be fun on the track too. They have their own class. Get a new pipe. My friend never got one, but they sound so much better with one. Love the sound of a twin!
  4. My biggest reason for switching bikes was comfort. My GSXR was killin me. The SV650 was just everything I wanted in a bike. Light, great handling for the city or the twisties, and plenty of power for anything under 90 (or 100 who knows). My biggest concern was that'd I'd hate the sound. At the track I thought the SVs farting by sounded like ass compared to the screaming I-4's, but any thoughts of I-4's went right out the window the first time I rode the bike. Everything you read about them is true, to sum it up. The thump of the motor sounds awesome, the engine braking is great and on decel the exhaust picks up a steady low note that's beautiful. And the torque.. oh man. It's just endless, you can start at 2500 RPM and it just pulls, perfectly smooth and even as long as you want... then you can shift and do it all over again! I can't get over how smooth they run. Even two-up the bike pulls atleast as well if not better than my 750 did, and the 750 had no shortage of power. There's nothing like having the power right there, all over the powerband.

    As far as top end - the exponential power rise and screaming top end of the I-4 is sooooo sweet and addicting, but frankly, I used it twice a month. To get into that part of the I-4 you were A) very likely moving at a HIGH rate of speed and B) definitely making a lot of noise. That's all well and good but I'm not interested in flying when I'm not in the middle of nowhere, and I'm every bit as happy to ride under 100 mph now.

    More importantly, the twins run out on the top end because you don't use them on the top end. If you hop on and ride the bike like an I4, revving it high and such, it'll feel weaker. It's running the bike in the low and midrange that it shines, and it's just as fast - just in a different part of the rev range. And the power is so linear... speed sneaks up on you.

    Another pic, now that I've cleaned her! :mrgreen:


    I'll probably leave the stock pipe for a while. It's really nice to have the bike be quiet when I want it to be (I live in a city, so, there's always a cop in earshot), and it sounds surprisingly good stock. The do sound bitchin with pipes though.
  5. Nice comments. My friend says pretty much the same thing on all parts.
    He stayed stock for the same reason. Lives in the city and doesn't want to draw attention from the police or pisss of the neighbors. He also commutes on it into downtown Seattle. He's not a big fan of too much noise.
  6. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Blasphemy I say! Twins sound sweet with aftermarket exhaust, get one immediately!!!!!
  7. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    good description of a twin vs. a four, Red. i just got that 6rr and after riding that for awhile i jumped back on my '94 900ss and was very impressed with the torque. felt like i had some power again, even though its not nearly as fast as the 6rr.
  8. Nothing really wrong with that 650 twin from what I've read. My main reason for the V4 1200 and not a sport bike is the uncomfortable riding position of the latter. Basically my Max is a streetfighter/drag bike, but it easily can handle two up if she's slender like your girl. I can only try to remember what it was like 2 up on a 650, it's been a long time since I've owned that small a bike. But one up it should be a fine road bike. One thing you'll get for sure is great gas mileage!

    PS: I've got a DR650E but it's a dual sport and no comparison on the road to your V-twin. It's definitely not a road bike for 2, it's a trail and short hop one up bike.
  9. Nice looking bike. It should make a great sport tourer, which segues (love that word) into another advantage of a V twin: they get much better gas mileage than a bike with four or more cylinders. Something to think about now that gas is $2.50+/gallon and/or you ride in areas with 200 miles between gas stations like I do.
  10. Very nice clean, looking motorcycle. I like it! More pics, more pics!
  11. I must deliver what the people demand!!




    Heya Bill - mileage is something I was thinking about. Another motivation to keep it stock. I still can't believe how smooth it runs, having been un-fiddled with. I think it'll be a long time till I mess with it :)
  12. The first pic is nice! Is that at Golden Gardens? I like the background in the second one. Doing a little remodeling?
  13. Yeah, I think that first pic looks like Sunset Park, if it's not Golden Gardens!

    If it is either, I live just down(up) the street from there in Ballard!

    Cool pics!
  14. Ooh you're close, it's Carkeek Park - around 107th. I'd found it the morning that I got the bike so we went back there on our first ride.

    They're turning our apartment building into condos. We get to live through the replacing of siding and windows (I now literally know what pounding on the walls sounds like) just to be booted when they're done! :|
  15. My apartment building down by Gasworks was being remodeled for the entire year I lived there. They said it was going to be done within a few weeks of me moving in. Two car break-ins and a 12 months of pounding and I was out of there. Moved out last November. I think it is about done, but they are putting up a new building across the street. Wonderful...
  16. Red, Nice looking SV. I had an 02 four a couple of years as a second bike and absolutely loved it. Sadly I sold it a few winters back thinking having two bikes was just not neccessary. (feel free to just shoot me). Are ya sure about the exhaust???? I had a Jardine on mine and it sounded awesome. Not loud just deep and throaty. Had planned to install a wolf exhaust like this...

  17. Niiiice, I like that exhaust!!
  18. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    No doubt! That exhaust is DOOOOOOOPE! I gotta send this pic to my buddy w/ the stock exhaust still on his SV...
  19. And he'll say yeah that's cool, but I'm not putting any more money into it. Stock seams to be the way he wants to keep it.
  20. I was mistaken about the exhaust brand. It has been some time since I was researching it. The underseat exhaust in the picture is made by Renegade. They are a specialty exhaust company out of the UK but have a US sales division. I spoke with them a couple of years ago when I was looking into putting the underseat system on my SV. They were a very great company to work with. Returned my emails and calls very promptly and when speaking to them in person were very customer focused. In addition to the dual underseat for the SV they also have a single low mount, single high mount and double high mount that are a little less spendy.