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Year Round Rider-New Motorcycle Stolen This Morning!

Discussion in 'New Users' started by JamalKhoury, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. I live in SE Portland and my motorcycle was stolen at approx 4 am this morning. It's a black 2017 Kawasaki Z900 Supernaked with a touring windscreen. Please keep your eyes peeled. I'm devastated. Worked long and hard to save up for this bike and I'm extremely passionate about riding. IMG_2624[1].JPG IMG_2624[1].JPG IMG_2622[1].JPG IMG_2623[1].JPG IMG_2627[1].JPG IMG_2723[1].JPG IMG_2624[1].JPG IMG_2622[1].JPG IMG_2623[1].JPG IMG_2627[1].JPG IMG_2723[1].JPG IMG_2624[1].JPG IMG_2622[1].JPG IMG_2623[1].JPG IMG_2627[1].JPG IMG_2723[1].JPG
  2. I don't know you but I'm feelin' it. Two things I hate, thieves and liars. And they usually go hand in hand. I'd be watching C.L. or cycle trader.. This is the kinda thing you want to put on war paint and go hunting. Good luck man! KJ

  3. Thanks man I appreciate it. Yeah I've been watchin cycle trader and CL like a hawk. The irony was, the officer that responded to my theft was a Portland Motorcycle Officer that was forced to do cruiser patrol instead of motorcycle traffic enforcement because of a police officer shortage! He felt bad, but the reality is looking pretty grim right now. When I get off work tonight I'm goin on a manhunt around the city to look.
  4. Get yer buds to help too. I'm sure they know). To me it's either kids took it for a joy ride if they could start it. Or it's friggin methhead tweekers that want to sell quick. Be interesting to know if licencing departments would help someway like notifying you if someone filed for lost title. The way Kaw is with their security features you'd think the bike would be totally unusable w/out the key.
  5. my dad once told me "always remember,anyone that will lie to you,will steal from you"and he was so very right-I have had so much stolen from me in my life,I hate a thief.
  6. kawidude88

    kawidude88 formerly gsxrdude24

    I hate theifs they need burn in hell I have had many things stolen did you have comprehensive insurance?
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this and will look out for it. That bike in all-black and w/ a windscreen would be easy for me to spot bc I'm hoping to change my ride this year, and I've been thinking about getting that exact bike/color and add a screen.

    Would you mind providing a bit of info on the circumstances of the theft? I ask b/c I have a driveway but don't have a garage, so whatever I get will be outside, in the driveway at least.

    I've been considering ways to enhance security if I get a new bike and would be interested to know how some of the local scumbags operate.
  8. No comprehensive unfortunately! Big difference in premiums which in hindsight would've been a helluva lot better than losing my baby. I live in a condo complex off the corner of 148th and Division in SE Portland. I have a fenced, covered patio with a pull string latch door. It's my front entrance too so I'm in and out of there alot. My neighbor heard the bike kick over at approx 4 am on thursday feb 15. It was a rainy-ish night/morning and my patio door was left open. Put an alarm, GPS, and disc locks on your bike and you should be fine. Portland is not a traditional motorcycling city so I'm half expecting my bike to wind up in Seattle or something, though my gut tells me it's still in the city right now.
  9. Hey, I was going to ask how all this is going.. I think my last question was is the bike insured because of a loan? I see you saying comp was sp expensive? Huh? Underinsured is redic. Here in Wa. it really is nothing. But sounds like you didn't have a loan? Curious, thanks, KJ
  10. I have a loan but I took a personal from a 3rd party thus being able to pay for the bike from the dealer outright instead of financing at a higher rate thru them
  11. appreciate your reply. i just did a search on cl for the bike and/or parts for said bike- all throughout oregon, wa. Idaho, montana, colorado.. absolutely nuttin'. i'm thinking they're sitting on it for awhile to cool off so to speak. bastards. you can only hope karma will come back on whoever big time. KJ
  12. I greatly appreciate that KJ. That's exactly what I'm thinking too; they're sittin on it waiting for things to cool off. I can only hope that the bastard gets tempted to joyride when the weather gets better and ends up getting pulled over by a cop, or a .40 cal pointed at him by me.
  13. i had another thought, does anyone around your place have an outside camera set up? Like even down the block. Because one may show a guy walking up, being dropped off.. I think i would ask all the houses around. who knows? You might wonder why i care at all. I've been riding for 50 yrs. this year- 63 now. But riding ever since that 1st time has been exciting to this day. I'm the type of guy that when I see someone getting a new/different ride, it just makes me happy for them. Because I know. Haven't ever really talked w/ anyone whos had one ripped off. But I hate thieves and liars and dearly love bikes, so i guess I got overly involved. anyway, keep my fingers crossed for ya. KJ
  14. The Condo complex I live in used to be a 55+ community so I doubt it, but i'll ask around. And beings how everyone has private patios Idk if theres a chance anyone has their cameras zeroed in on anything but their own stuff/space opposed to common areas...